Trump’s Twitter Spree After Robert Mueller’s Russia Indictments

President Trump had a lot to say after the special counsel’s influence in the 2016 election. . . but not to condemn Russia.

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Trump's Twitter Spree After Robert Mueller's Russia Indictments

Video credits to Popular on YouTube – Singapore YouTube channel

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    Trump’s Twitter Spree After Robert Mueller’s Russia Indictments

    Comments 45

    1. So here is the good news (US laws are quoted below to establish my points) – it doesn't matter if Trumpworld knew about the conspiracy or not, if they were involved at all, they're indictable. Their stupidity/obliviousness/lack of knowledge/inexperience doesn't mean a damn thing. The fact that Mueller just made the case for criminal conspiracy against the Russians means that anyone involved in any way is guilty of a felony – whether they were informed of it or not. Now, I'm not saying anything is 100% here, but the Trump Tower meeting was part of the conspiracy, so unwitting or not, the attendees (Kushner, Manafort, Trump Jr) complicit. Also, the very fact that multiple Trump people chose not to do their duty to the nation and report the Russians they were speaking/meeting/working with for meddling in the election (law below) is enough to prove actus reus (act of committing crime). Their secrecy and attempts to cover up their plethora of contacts establishes a guilty mind, thereby proving the second necessity to establish the committed the crime; mens rea (knowledge of illegality of actions). So this whole "we didn't know and didn't get anything so there was no collusion" is wholly irrelevant. US Code Section 8.2 says, "One becomes a member of a conspiracy by willfully participating in the unlawful plan with the intent to advance or further some object or purpose of the conspiracy, even though the person does not have full knowledge of all the details of the conspiracy." The very act of meeting with Russians about the US election is conspiracy, as the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 clearly states, "A foreign national spending money to influence a federal election can be a crime, and if a U.S. citizen coordinates, conspires or assists in that spending, then it could be a crime." The Russians were clearly spending more than $1mil/month on social media tactics alone. Furthermore, if the case for coconspirator can't for whatever reason be established beyond a reasonable doubt, they can be indicted as an accessory to the crime. If accessory before the fact can be proven, they face the same penalty as the principles. So, don't worry. They won't get off for being the morons they are. They're still criminally liable, and I think Mueller is more than capable of making a solid case against the lot.

    2. It’s not tRumps fault that a whole group of idiots decided he was a viable candidate. Who knew blind hate for an opponent could motivate a vote for another. I never knew “Not Hillary” was running for PREZ.

    3. Damn that uranium hillary and some republicans signed off on must have been some bad ass shit. Because it turned 13 RUSSIANS RUSSIANS RUSSIANS into super trolls to force POTUS into collusion collusion collusion about something he didnt do. 😂😁😆😅😄😃🤣 wonder how fusion GPS feels about all of this?🤔😂😂

    4. Wow ,How sad that so many people are either Brainwashed, Or under medicated. I feel sorry for you people. Try turning the TV off and maby you will wake up from the Brainwashing. But if your still watching this scum bag it's probably a lost cause. Like this msg. Waste of time.

    5. Remember when Trump was talking shit about buying American steel, and Hillary brought up how his buildings are made with Chinese steel, and his response was "well you shouldn't have let me do that."

    6. I'm glad you are back don't leave us . We need are news though you .makes news much better. I like knowing I'm not alone thinking all this Trump shit is crazy and sad….. better to laugh then cry. Steven Colbert is how I made it though the year.

    7. President DRUMPF and his Hitler Mouse Club Administration better go to prison. Otherwise they will just take our money and destroy our country with their corporate fuck wad Russian puppets.

    8. So awesome the psycho left has this guy for a news source/entertainment, and the other late night nut jobs.
      These losers and the MSM have divided this country to no end. Absolutely crazy.
      Anyone remember when Whitney Houston sang the national anthem? Watch the video. That's when Americans cared about their country.
      Now it's okay that Snoop Dogg has a video depicting the president getting shot. It's okay that Kathy Griffin can hold the bloody head of the president.
      Dems are destroying this country.

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