Trump’s “Spygate” Claims; Michael Cohen’s “Taxi King” Partner: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump openly interfering in the criminal investigation of his campaign by peddling a baseless conspiracy theory.
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Trump’s “Spygate” Claims; Michael Cohen’s “Taxi King” Partner: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


Video credits to Popular on YouTube – Singapore YouTube channel

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    Trump’s “Spygate” Claims; Michael Cohen’s “Taxi King” Partner: A Closer Look

    Comments 39

    1. Trump is like that drunken idiot you see bumbling around in public, slurring his words and tripping all over himself. It's funny to observe, entertaining even. That is until he notices you and comes over to give you a hug with his piss-soaked, vomit-drenched clothes and constantly spits in your face when he talks. Now it's no longer entertaining.

    2. Trump is without question the biggest fraud, fool, clown, con-man to ever defile the office of president. His insufferable hyperbole and relentless self-aggrandizing have reached levels of the absurd. He's now called off the meeting (as we all knew would happen) and the world becomes more and more certain that the US is a laughing stock. NK played Drumpf for the raging fool he is and he'll be entirely unaware of the tons of egg dripping from his fat, orange face.

    3. I SO want that commemorative coin.
      What are the chances he will want them all destroyed when it all falls in a big heap around him.

    4. Back when he made up the Obama phone tapping lie, I called it & said that was the point that the 25th amendment needed to be enacted to save the US.
      I stand by that even more now. He got away with that absurdity & so now he knows no limits & society norms are in the drain/swamp/toilet

    5. It is incredible to think, as an outsider, that the US has been paralysed for some 18 months because of this shitshow going on in the WH. How long are you people willing to suffer this embarrassment?

    6. Pres Moon of S.Korea should negotiate directly with N.K
      1. Officially ending the Korean war
      2. negotiating the DMZ away in order to unite the Korea's.
      3. Arrange the eventual union of both KOREAN ARMED FORCES under one Leadership of a unified Korea.
      4. Kim Jong Un to be provided an active role participating in a unified Korea for limited time
      5. A specified transition time after which he will follow the democratic process if he wishes to participate in the future of Korean Politics.
      6. Keep all foreign powers out of the negotiation as none of them have the Korean's welfare at heart.
      Sounds PolyAnnish but they have tried everything else and failed

    7. Haha..and the meeting isn't happening…as if anyone believed it would? Trump got played so bad but North Korea…what a total Moron trump is.

    8. I'm watching this the morning after it aired. News just broke that the summit is called off.

      Trump is such a terrible diplomat.

    9. Yes, only Trump can spy on people by taping all his conversations. Hypocrite of the highest order. I can watch you. I can OUT you. But you can’t even look in my direction.

    10. This fucking cotton-candy headed moron and his "we call it Spygate" is just ridiculous. A desperate conman finding himself more and more trapped like a rat; this is his strategy. Go on the attack with stupid, made–up conspiracy theories. A bigger bumblefuck would be hard to find…

    11. I can’t believe anyone listens to trump. This dude goes. Yes. No. Maybe so. To every question he is ever asked. He literally have NO position on anything. EVER!

    12. Really? they basically created a Medal in Honor of Trump peace efforts. And all you have to say is how shitty the medal looks? This is exactly what fuels hate even more in America

    13. If 'he' actually gets the Nobel, anyone whoever got one should turn it in as protest and come up with a different, new prize. That way the idiot brain would have the only one, for idiots.

    14. I think he's trying to compromise the investigation, Nunes will publish the classified briefing…blame Democrats (who aren't even being allowed to attend)…and say they've blown the now Trump is free.

    15. “Criminal deep state”. This fucker is trying to destroy our democracy for the sake of his delusion of mediocrity. These statements are damn-near sedition. Though not surprised since his presidency is an act of treason.

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