Trump’s FBI Speech, the GOP Tax Plan and Bob Corker: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at how Republicans are trying to pass their tax plan despite a brewing controversy over a last-minute tax break that could personally enrich GOP lawmakers and President Trump.
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Trump’s FBI Speech, the GOP Tax Plan and Bob Corker: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Trump's FBI Speech, the GOP Tax Plan and Bob Corker: A Closer Look

Video credits to Popular on YouTube – Singapore YouTube channel

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    Trump’s FBI Speech, the GOP Tax Plan and Bob Corker: A Closer Look

    Comments 36

    1. The lottery system was created by US immigration not foreign countries and account for small amount of immigration. If you don't like, then just cancel it.

    2. How is his approval still as high as 32%? Is one third of Americans really completely devoid of even the semblence of sense and morality? Wow…that number just seems shockingly high.

    3. The Anti-Christ: Buy& Sell- power around globe because of influence on world leaders – can withhold funds anyone who disagrees w him- Trump has businesses around the globe- is in powerful position – if he speaks from the Temple in Jersulem – will be proof he is the Anti-Christ. ( see Revelations in New Testament)

    4. My question is why vote for something you “don’t know about”? This is supposed to affect millions of families and his excuse to save money is “i didn’t read therefore i dont know”? Like sir you have one job, which is to pass laws, do it right.

    5. Trump doesn't seem to understand that the police is a CIVILIAN FORCE meant to serve and protect the public and uphold law and public order, not a military force free to harass the general populace like a street gang (and let celebrities drive a tank, right through the wall of someone's house) or a private security firm serving for the privileged rich.

    6. "We gonna rebuild the FBI…" I didn't know the FBI was a collapsed building, mate…
      Did I seriously just hear Trump brag about that he is going to destroy the FBI and "rebuild" it with Trump-loyal goons? Seeing how much Trump admires Putin, Erdogan and other dictators, is Trump going to take apa gr from Stalin's playbook and build an American version of the Cheka?

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