Trump Gets Snubbed by the Philadelphia Eagles | The Daily Show

President Trump rescinds his White House invitation to the Philadelphia Eagles after learning that most team members aren’t planning to attend.

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Trump Gets Snubbed by the Philadelphia Eagles | The Daily Show

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    Trump Gets Snubbed by the Philadelphia Eagles | The Daily Show

    Comments 46

    1. O REALLY, the silent majority, love's America & love's, president Donald Trump, the Philadelphia eagles Organization & the majority of, professional athletes these days are ,( HOOD RATS )

    2. I think Trevor intentionally forgot to mentoin the time the nhl peguins went to white house and the MLB went there when Houston won. It's just the NBA and NFL that does this white house boycott bullshit

    3. The anthem controversy is a negative marketing campaign for his bestie Vince McMahon, who is resurrecting the XFL. Wonder if trump has money invested?

    4. Well let us hope Philadelphia doesn't pucker up to that Orange fuck. Hoping they got nuts. I mean, it is a Trump state. Trump won them. Not by much but still won them over.

    5. WTF is wrong with you people? There were some dumb niggers on the team who disrespected the flag. Trump canceled on them and had a party for the National Anthem instead. He is a classy man and the sports morons deserve to lose everything.

    6. Does no one get the irony of a man from S Africa, preaching racial justice to Americans? Where Trevor comes from, affirmative action is for the MAJORITY, yes, you read that correctly, and the majority has taken tons of land from the minority in the last 30 years or so, give or take. Why isn't Trevor preaching racial injustice in the country he is from? Things are far far worse for the minoeities in the country he is from. HHHHMMMM, well, surely wouldn't make as much in a smaller market. Or is it because Trevor is part of the MAJORITY in his countrt? How can a man from another country, who is in the MAJORITY, who treats the minority far worse than in America be preaching to us? And you idiots eat it up, stop and learn something. Truly sad, how little people know, how little the millinials know freedom, it's sad, so cheer for a member of the majority of another country, who treats minoeities like animals, but, don't realize the irony, because, you simply don't have the mind power to know the truth.

    7. Trevor isn't making fun of Trump but insulting America. He is your president even if you don't like him it is just silly to allow this immigrant to insult and make fun of your country. Laugh on America , entertain on by allowing this immigrant to continue.

    8. I knew when I saw this foreign ass on The Daily Show that the comment section would be a Gathering Place for stupid! A bunch of liberals that think that the Daily Show is news. I love to look at you people in your cage and see all the examples of specious reasoning, convoluted logic, illiteracy and inability to use grammar. Why don't you all go to your liberal arts / gender studies / lesbian dance courses and afterwards you can go out and find some statue to pull down. Let the adults handle this.

    9. Than Fox News tried using a picture of a few eagles players kneeling to pray before the anthem to spread their propaganda than later apologized cuz they got caught

    10. Lol.. The drama is media driven.. Americans are not a bright group of folk…. You guys love Trump.. He makes for Damn good TV.. You guys are making a killing from this guy… The drama is all from the media.. Hahaha.. At least its funny

    11. I don't know about your values, but I have a problem with a guy who has another man's semen oozing from his butt hole telling me what to think. Oh wait, that's Don Lemon. Sorry wrong belligerent black dude.

    12. My fucking fellow citizens should hate themselves. Not just because trump, but because we've allowed a completely corrupt and insane federal gov't. They all lie, they all steal, and approve bombings of innocent people. DID YOU FORGET WE ARE OCCUPYING COUNTRIES

    13. I live in Pittsburgh and I can confirm people from Philly are nuts enough to vote against Trump for this. And the Philly suburbs were a pivotal red zone in 2016 so I think he just screwed himself over.

    14. Maybe he should invite all those evangelicals that love a worship him so much. Perhaps most of the female ones can get lucKKKy enough to get their pussy grabbed on!!😒😇👺

    15. So just a quick question. Is it not incorrect to say "disinvited" in that headline as opposed to "uninvited"? I know it's splitting hairs, but given that it's a huge media outlet I'd say that's a bit embarrassing at least.

    16. I’m wondering if he’s specifically trying create growth in the xfl. Hear me out. He is tight with Vince, and appeared on WWE. Trump selected Linda CEO of WWE as head of the small business administration. If they consider the WWE as a small business, then XFL is too. It would be one heck of a growth opportunity for the XFL for Trump to manufacture controversy…which he’s done, offensively…and profitably.

    17. Can you fucking idiots just deal with the fact that he’s president seriously you’re stopping so low by talking crap about trump for no good reason it’s so annoying you never look at the good things he does for this country and you take personal jabs instead of using valid facts Noah I respect people’s opinion but you only ever make insults and never speak valid facts so can you stop making yourself look like a childish idiot every time you make these videos now I understand he makes bad decisions but that’s just human so get off trumps back you asshole

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