Trump arrives in Singapore for summit with North Korea

President Donald Trump touched down in Singapore, 36 hours before his highly anticipated summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is set to kick off.

Trump arrived on Air Force One at Singapore’s Paya Lebar Air Base at 8:21 p.m. local time, where he was greeted by Singapore’s Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan. Kim arrived at Singapore’s commercial airport on an Air China Boeing 747 just more than five hours earlier.

Trump arrives in Singapore for summit with North Korea

Video credits to CNN YouTube channel

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    Trump arrives in Singapore for summit with North Korea

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    1. Putin and China arrange this meeting!! is so easy..Trump is the poppet here,i’m not from the university but this is Rusia giving trump a present because he most be rewarded for his collision!

    2. Sad Americans trashing the President and hoping for this to fail. NK has no leverage..none. They are crippled by the sanctions..they also know America holds all the cards. NK knows they have 2 choices comply or face complete economic destruction.

    3. Russia Aggressively interfered in the democratic process of the United States and now Trump wants to help Russia become economically stronger? What the Fuck is going on! Why haven't the GOP reeled in this Russian loving turncoat!!!

    4. MAGA, get it done boss. If not for world peace for the fact Nancy Pelosi will have to find some way to spin it to make you look bad. Just like when the newest jobs report came out and she criticized it….LOL

    5. Trump will never be and is not a master negotiator. on the apprentice he couldn’t even make a deal! With what they offered he took easily. the man is conman point blank and a sucka The u.s. needs to be on guard at all times .the whole freaking world is at risk of being suckered into dictatorships as the new standards for other dictators to follow in Kim’s shoes. Trump will give him a prize as he did to Israel.

    6. Trump is the best President that we have had in several years! Thank you President Donald Trump for all that you have done to make America great!

    7. Alright folks, now please get this. Singapore is not in China or near China. We're at the sounthern tip of Malaysia. Now please reprogram your braincells to absorb this geo info. Thank you. Terimakasih.

    8. Their use even this historical event to atack Trump, fucking animals sadly must of the audience don't see this, because must of the people, aliened or not, Do not see this manipulations.

    9. Just like a child. Walk away from responsibility (G7). That's why the twitter you never have face to face confrontation. Trump is weak in every way.

    10. God, be with my favorite president ! He means alot to me! Keep him safe and survive through this summit meeting and I hope for peace, we are longing for! Without Trump, what is the cost of being American? Where would I be without my beloved and favorite president? What does America matter , if your president is taken away from you ? If anything happens I could be depressed and never speak to anyone again! If Trump is gone then you ,Lord, have abandoned me ! Don't let this happen! Don't let me suffer in misery! I want to be free and happy! I want rejoice in you ! I want to enjoy life even while president Trump is alive and well, celebrating his Birthday on June 14TH!
      Please, Lord, don't let me fall in to darkness ! I am afraid and scared even for Trump if Kim Jong Un may kill him as look at him! I don't trust Kim Jong Un! But I could only hope that you ,The Holy spirit can guide and protect our president and hold back Kim's wrath, if he dares to harm Trump!
      This is the hope for peace we long for! And hold my faith you ,Lord Jesus Christ! Amen 😔❤🕊

    11. oh, it could go this way or that way. we don't know. well your right about that CNN so i suggest you keep your mouths shut and let the leaders do there thing, that's why they were elected, at least on our side. also if it doesn't happen then oh well, he tried and was the only western leader that could get n. korea to meet. so give credit where credit is do. butt of course this …. … … is … … … CNN.

    12. Please one of the lawsuits hanging over trumps head have him haul back to the us it would be nice if he have to appear in court. Just wondering who else is there Goldman Sachs Anthony scaramucci. Big business talks trump is using our tax dollars to treat it like his own bad idea.

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