TRIP REPORT | Emirates | Airbus A380 | Dubai (DXB) – Singapore (SIN) | Economy Class

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✈ Airline: Emirates
✈ Aircraft: Airbus A380 (A6-EDR)
✈ Seat: 84A
✈ Route: Dubai (DXB) – Singapore (SIN)
✈ Class: Economy Class
✈ Flight time: 7h
✈ Flight Number: EK354
✈ Price: Flight MUC-DXB-SIN; BKK-DXB-MUC for 620€
✈ Date: Feb 18th 2018



✈ by Lakey Inspired:
✈ Titel: Fly With Me
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✈ Camera: Canon G7X Mark II

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TRIP REPORT | Emirates | Airbus A380 | Dubai (DXB) - Singapore (SIN) | Economy Class

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    TRIP REPORT | Emirates | Airbus A380 | Dubai (DXB) – Singapore (SIN) | Economy Class

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    1. I once had a connecting experience like that at Heathrow. It was hell! It was my first time in Heathrow and I was 14 or 15 yrs old. The flight was held for me. The gate agents were expecting me. It was funny because as I approached the gate, in a rush, they acknowledged me by my last name before I was able to hand them my boarding pass. This was about ten years before T5 existed so terminal change, customs and security was necessary. Now I know better. However, no one can ever be prepared. Good times!

    2. awesome video bro!!!! and yes, I have flown on the A380 4 times and I have to say that it is one of my favourite air planes.

    3. Excellent trip report! I think you shouldn't cut the any takeoff rolls, it's ok for me the way you edit your videos. I have flown in LH 747/8 in the upper deck. I haven't fly Emirates yet, so I have no experience but I think it's a great airline

    4. LOL, Ich habe ein Dokumentfilm gesehen und das beschreibt wie DXB jeden Tag funktioniert.Wenn die Passagiere die Anschluss nicht einsteigen könnten,wäre das wirklich für Fluggesellschaft die Katastrophe!

    5. In my experience , the plane left without me and my family it was a conecction flight in Madrid from Paris ,the weather was bad, i we had delay , we miss flight from iberia and this was the good one, and the other one we missed was when we were coming back from london and we had to take connection in Washington my god it was awful tbe worst flight ever , we missed flight because customs fuck i hate that american shit the line took 3 hours , and then we had to sleep in the airport because we had to take an early flight to atlanta and then to Mexico, it took anothe day and a half to get my destination ,that’s why i fucking hate USA , i wont set a foot on that shithole again.

    6. I have flown the a380 8 times, I think from FRA over SIN to SYD and back with Qantas, from FRA over SIN to SYD and back with Singapore Airlines and from FRA to SFO and back with Lufthansa.

    7. To answer your on-screen question: I would much rather experience the ENTIRE take-off roll than to see the seat's spinning cup holder or the contents of the IFE screen.

    8. Schöner Trip Report Lukas, bin 2016 von MUC nach DXB das aller erste Mal im A380 geflogen. Ich war so nervös, dass ich den ganzen Flug weder Filme geschaut noch geschlafen habe. Damals war die Reservierung noch kostenlos möglich und ich bekam einen Emergency Exit Row Seat. Die Beinfreiheit ist einfach nur genial. War leider erst nach der Landung im Upper Deck. Die Emirates Crew war oft sehr freundlich, gab aber auch ein paar Male, in denen sie nicht ganz so freundlich waren. Unfreundlich war nie jemand.

    9. Recently I was to fly from Florence to Munich, it was the first flight of the day at the airport. But they couldn’t open the doors to the security control up until 10 minutes before original departure „due to technical reasons“. So 600+ people were waiting to get through security control 😂
      Then the (unfriendly) airport staff shouted all MUC passengers to the control and sent us to the gate. This was very stressful and typically Italian… never experienced something like that before!

    10. Very, very nice trip report!
      To answer you questions:
      Had a similar situation at CAN where CZ employees literally run with us through the airport from international to domestic terminal and through security.
      Please don't cut take-off. Although I don't watch that part anyway everybody may skip it (famous feature called fast forward)
      To get a third choice of meal I always order a special meal beforehand. For morning flights especially for not being stuck with either egg-sausage-potato-mix OR sweet something. SFML or KSML. KSML also often leads to a bigger second meal for flights between 5 and 8 hours bcs. airlines often don't have a small kosher meal available. Had some great meals on EK and CZ but not so much on TK.

      Personal interest: What happens if you take you time while transiting and miss the second flight? Could you claim the 600€ because after all it's the airlines fault if the first fight is too late. Thanks!

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