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So friends out today video is about Singapore!!! Yes Singapore E pass visa , we get lot of query for Singapore on everyday basis so we thought of giving you information about this visa

So now what is E pass visa
So this is a government launched visa which is launched by the Singapore government , ministry of manpower for foreigners who are looking to work in Singapore and once they get a job in Singapore E pass visa is issued to them and they can live and work in Singapore and even can travel outside without entry visa

So now I’ll tell you what are the eligibility criteria for Singapore E pass visa need to draw minimum salary of 3600 Singapore dollar a month
2.should have relevant experience as proposed in your visa
3.should have a well recognized degree

So at aspire world immigration we assist you for job in Singapore we rewrite your resume and float it to 400 employers out of which any potential employer if interested shall approach you and once your interviews you receive a job offer

Please note that we are consultant and not recruiters hence we do not guarantee any job and we have no influence on employer or candidate

Once your through with job we file for your visa which is an online process and we register you for EP online account and you get result within 3 weeks
Once you get employment pass the ministry of manpower will send you in principal approval letter which is valid for 6 months

The best part is you can take you family Incase if you get a job offer more than 6000 Singapore dollar

So friends if you are looking for Singapore E pass visa or job in Singapore do contact aspire world immigration at +91-9711287974 or send your updated resume at [email protected] immigration counselor will get in touch with you within 24 hrs
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Singapore E Pass Visa | Aspire World Immigration Consultancy Services LLP

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    Singapore E Pass Visa | Aspire World Immigration Consultancy Services LLP

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