Singapore Airlines A350 Business Class Düsseldorf to Singapore: private flight!

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Singapore Airlines A350 Business Class Düsseldorf to Singapore: private flight!

Video credits to the Luxury Travel Expert YouTube channel

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    Singapore Airlines A350 Business Class Düsseldorf to Singapore: private flight!

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    1. My Journey this was in September 2015 All Qatar Airways as 787-8 Dreamliner from Edinburgh to Doha Economy Class. When I went to Dubai as a stopover I had to wait for 3 hours !!! But u can't blame me as it is extremely busy. I personally like smaller Airports better so since I was in Doha Hammad Airport I was originally had to wait 1hr 25 mins but only had to wait 45min which was overall enough time . Then Qatar A320-200 from Doha to Faisalabad In Pakistan. Then in October 2015 on the way back Economy class Qatar Airways Boeing 777 300er Lahore Pakistan to Doha then 787 8 Dreamliner back to edinburgh

    2. I prefer the 787 better as I personally think it has a larger window size and decent mood lighting I went on Qatar 787-8 Dreamliner from Edinburgh (Scotland) to Doha(Qatar) if u want a better view of my experience then try it for yourself for all those who don't know Qatar Is due to take delivery of thier 1st or 30 787-9 Dreamliner in December 2018

    3. Whilst the A350 and B787 should really be compared against the B777 and A330neo, but because they are both new generation part composite aeroplanes comparisons are inevitable.
      Having flown on long haul on both on the same night/day/night in the same seat, it's obvious the A350 is superior, it's quieter, more comfortable and has a more stronger/better quality build feel. Whereas the B787 feels flimsy, it's engines set up a low pitch rumble in the cruise and those annoying fade-a-matic windows don't fade to black, if your on the wrong side of the aircraft at dawn you will know.

    4. Nice vid.
      Andaman Nicobar islands are part of India & one has to go there via India only. Also these are Lakshadeep islands have only part of the islands open for foreigners, unlike Indians. It also have a major Indian naval base to keep a tab on rogue Chinese PLA fleet.

      And yes, A350 is far superior than B787 Cheapliner. B787 Cheapliner can be compared to that Chinese aircraft which flew recently but is not airworthy 😛

    5. SIA services are even better than any gulf carrier and their food is amazing.. even it's subsidiaries have great service on board. Vistara and silk air..

    6. I will be flying Singapore business class from San Francisco to Singapore this August. Round trip airfare for two cost me 480k krisflyer miles plus $168.

    7. Good and informative video on Business Class travel. Thank you. It's refreshing, unlike some idiots who do 'selfie' videos that show nothing except themselves.

    8. My fav lounge is probally emirates or Dubai let's start with emirates Emirates has a great comfortable chairs and great big windows to look at the planes
      And Dubai is a great lounge great snacks also it also has comfy chairs I've got to say the balcony was amazing you could see gate 3 economy and also the planes from a distance also I love how the put everything set out beautifly it was amazing

    9. A350 is way better than 787! it has light body and has carbon fiber which reduces drag !!and plus boeing is noisy has hell ur blogs are amazing 🙂 keep uploading!!

    10. we all shall note that this not main airport of germany so we will get better lounge in munich and frankfurt and hamad international airport is the best lounge

    11. What a wonderful Businnes Class! Really beautiful. And Düsseldorf is one of the best Airports. Not too full and very professional. Just the Lounges in Munich and Framkfurt are better. To travel overseas stressless is Düsseldorf a good alternative. It will be in future very expanded airport.

    12. B787 was much more revolutionary than the A350. I’ve noticed that Airbus has taken many design elements from Boeing, as evident with the A320 family clearly based on B737 family; A350, obviously; A330 based on 767; and most notably the A380, which will be discontinued soon, if you know anything about Boeing, is clearly based on the original Pan Am prototype of the B747. That obviously did not work out. Boeing as well has discovered MUCH earlier that smaller two-engine aircraft with long range is the future of the commercial aeronautical industry. Unfortunately Airbus had not found that to be true until their A380 went down the drain.

    13. In March 2017 I,ve had the very adventuresome pleasure to visit exactly this plane in Düsseldorf, Germany. I could settled back in one of the comfy Business-Class seats, enjoyed the view from the flight-deck (cockpit) and even could try the very narrow crew rest-rooms (beds) in the very aft of this plane. I was a lucky winner of a local airport-newspaper (DUSmomente) 2016 pre-Christmas game. In which online you could impress something what do you ever wish to do at the Düsseldorf Airport. For me it was a very unforgettable experience. I,ve made me an own photo-book and collected several articles from this magagine-Issue.

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