Sexual Harassment | ZULA ChickChats: EP 54

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In this episode of ZULA ChickChats, we discuss sexual harassment in Singapore.

Have you ever been a victim of sexual harassment? What can we do to reduce sexual harassment?

Read our article on sexual harassment here:

Check out Brenda’s blog post and Video on Sexual Harassment:
Reporting upskirts –
Sexual Harassment –

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Sexual Harassment | ZULA ChickChats: EP 54

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    Sexual Harassment | ZULA ChickChats: EP 54

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    1. Hey all, I know I was speaking a lil fast, but sexual harassment is just a topic I feel very strongly about so I got a little overexcited hahaha. Will take note to slow down in future episodes! (: – Leah

    2. YES to the part where when its during that moment youre so overwhelmed you didnt know how to react. your instinct tell you to confront him but in the same time you're just so scared. for this im still so thankful for my friend who saw what happened and shouted for help for me.

      as victim of molest and had lodge a police report and successfully sending the culprit to jail. i DO understand why theres the big percentage that did not report what happened even if its obvious sexual harassment. its a longer procedure than anyone can imagined and its not going to be easy. but i promise its going to be worth it.

    3. Personally I go through this struggle of having dealt with stares by guys towards my girlfriend. We’re students studying and we’re required to be in business uniform and thus my girlfriend would be wearing skirt naturally. Often times when commuting, there will always be males who would be attempting to eye rape or get close to us ever so often. Apart from that, even classmates eye rape my girlfriend. This video really speaks for what sexual harassment is about and the many little ways that personally i feel that almost all females experience. Great video to speak for not just the ladies but at the same time guys who experienced sexual harassment as well 👍🏽

    4. I don't think some ever really get the point of harassment – the moment someone feels uncomfortable, self-conscious and objectified then it's already harassment. Regardless the intentions of the other party, i.e playing the attractive card and wanting to hit on you.

      Like there's scenarios where I'll just be walking and group of guys be catcalling. Like it's not a compliment, it's a harassment.

      I got molested on a bus once, i was wearing tshirt and slacks. Was i asking for it when i wasn't even showing skin. I felt so fking awful that now everytime i wear something that shows the slightest skin on a public transport, I'll cover up with a jacket or my bag. So stop double standards by saying some girls ask for it when they show their skin. Women are allowed to wear whatever they want. It's your own fucked up intentions that makes the world such a shit place for women to even exist.

    5. Actually caught a migrant work snapping photos of a lady on the train station. Everyone, man and women on the platform was oblivious to it, all too engrossed on their phone to be aware of your surrounding. Sincerely stressed everyone to be mindful of their surroundings, don't let yourself be a victim, as well as let others be. Spot something suspicious, by all means, step in and confront them.

      As the saying goes, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke.

      *made the guy delete the photo and told him to leave the station. Informed the lady of the incident and she just stared at me like a blur sotong…

    6. Good looking = flirting. Not your type = sexual harassment. Most of the points brought up are criminal activities. Nobody is trivializing these acts. This Brenda chick is just your typical SJW 3rd wave feminist. Guys can't look at her, men are privileged. Soon she will be talking about the rape culture in SG. Zula, please do not facilitate the spread of this cancer. Don't turn SG into 1 of those western countries.

    7. If you were to be fully decked with gold rings, bracelets and necklaces. If you got robbed…. same case… dress like a ho…. might get treated like a ho…. 2 cents

    8. The girl on the far right can you stop talking like one chicken that ate Chilli padi?

      Fking hell my ears.. they bleed.

      The rest of you girls, carry on <3

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