Scott Pruitt’s Petty Side Hustles | The Daily Show

EPA chief Scott Pruitt becomes the subject of 13 different investigations into possible ethical violations, including an effort to secure a Chick-fil-A franchise for his wife.

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Scott Pruitt's Petty Side Hustles | The Daily Show

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    Scott Pruitt’s Petty Side Hustles | The Daily Show

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    1. Now I know why he fired the whole advisory council. Not because some members had some slight misgivings about policy, but because they must have interrupted his busy grifting on occasion. The distraction must've been quite annoying. But cheez, hearing the nature of his questionable behavior, is this Pruitt a hillbilly or something ? Do they even have hills in Oklahoma?

    2. "One more invasion and I'll have a pair!"

      So perfectly captures his personal cheapness with his love for wasting taxpayer money!

    3. "Chick-Fil-A is a business of faith" I think he may be referred to their anti-LGBT history but I could be wrong. Maybe that's why he wants to expand.

    4. Yeah, no matter how good that mattress started out as, no way do I want a used hotel mattress, from even the Four Season, or Mandarin Oriental, Beverly Hills Hotel, or the George V in Paris or the Carlyle in NYC or whatever high priced hotel anywhere etc. Sure from those places it most likely will have no bedbugs, but thinking of all the people and what they have done on it is a turn-off, maybe even hired hookers peed on it.

    5. Odd thing, I don't know if you realize that there are countries that have used "limb stretching" devices to make people taller, until they went "terribly" wrong. I know you have witty fantastic comedy, but I also know you have a real understanding of how the world is making the worst mistakes they can. Torture and torture devices are not jokes, and I know you get that. I just thought you should know they are really being used for that.

    6. Many people have told me that Chick-Fil-A actively and openly discriminates against gay/homosexual/ queer people. For this reason I have never been inside of any. However, that chicken sandwich got me hungry lol

    7. Funny show and I'm laughing too, all the way to the bank. Since the very day of Trump's election my company has gained almost 27% more profit, we have hired 12 more employee's, expanded 3300 sq. feet and have invested about 720,000 in machinery so shut your fucking mouth you useless crybaby. If the great Trevor Noah whom by the way is a spoiled little German/African brat from South Africa who has only recently migrated to the United states in 2011 were standing in front of me I would punch him in the face. I don't need someone who's only been in the country for 7 years in which none of his relatives fought for talking shit about our president for profit. Fuck you and fuck him. Now get back to work.

    8. Starting a fast food restaurant cause he likes chicken, bought a used high quality mattress, paying for name brand lotion and using discounts for cafeteria so much he may be cut off. I dunno, honestly he just sounds like a thrifty dude. Would you rather have him buying second hand furniture or trying to get money for a private jet. On the grand scheme of corruption, this seems like your super cheap, but some how still super rich uncle. Nothing that devious here.

      I know if I ever got into any kind of power I would try to open up a Taco bell franchise or something too! Most of us would look into long term wealth generation. Using his position to get better terms really isn't illegal either, and business negations can hinge on reputation. Also, it honestly just sounded like he was trying to find work for his wife. How does he help out without letting the franchise company in on what his main job is. They ask questions like that all the time for franchisee… Sensing a lot of spin on this story. Lets not start a war on capitalism itself please.

    9. Question. What was the problem with eating at the White house mess? Was it Navy employees only? I can't help but feel like I am missing some context on that one. Because so far the only thing I got from it was that he used it more than average which was consider cheap, and socially weird, but I can't see why it would be an ethical violation. In short can someone PLEASE fill me in here.

    10. The Current Crop of Politicians have learned well from their predecessors in how to Scam the American People. Now they have become more belligerent in their escapades and thrown all Ethical Morality to the Winds knowing that the American People are Just DUMB & GUTLESS to do anything to correct the System.

    11. Chick-A-Fil is a great franchise. What other franchise are you guaranteed a herd of credulous gulible christians buying your product while thinking they are doing the lord’s work: you know like beating up on gays and homosexual marriage, one of legendary Jesus’ crusades on Earth

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