President Trump raises the stakes ahead of Singapore summit

The president claimed that he will know within the first minute of meeting North Korean leader Kim Jong Un whether he is serious about peace.

President Trump raises the stakes ahead of Singapore summit

Video credits to ABC News YouTube channel

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    President Trump raises the stakes ahead of Singapore summit

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    1. Your Jesus: The world will soon be presented with the most deceitful lie which is impossible for mankind to grasp at this stage.
      -Friday, July 20th, 2012 @ 17:46

      My dearly beloved daughter the three and a half years remaining in the Tribulation period commences in December 2012.

      This is the period when the antichrist will emerge as a military hero.

      His soul has been given over to Satan who possesses every part of him.

      The powers he will possess means, that in time he, will be seen not just as the man of peace but people will think he is I, Jesus Christ, the Saviour of Mankind.

      They will also, in time, believe that the antichrist has been sent to herald The Second Coming.
      So many poor souls will, therefore, willingly accept his mark, the Mark of the Beast. For he is the beast in every way because of the way in which Satan will manifest himself in his body.
      He will perform miracles in the sky.
      He will heal people.

      He will be head of the New World Religion and he, and the False Prophet, who will head up the shell of the Catholic Church on earth will work closely to deceive all of God’s children.

      The world will soon be presented with the most deceitful lie which is impossible for mankind to grasp at this stage.
      For those of you who are being given the Book of Truth, these My Holy messages to the warn humanity of these things, know this.
      So sophisticated will their plan be, that many will be fooled by the loving humane exterior which they will present to the world of their wicked plan.

      The Antichrist and the False Prophet, between them, are already finishing planning their wicked reign and the first thing they will bring about will be the escalation of the war in the Middle East.
      The Antichrist will be the main man pulling the strings in the background.

      Then he will come forth and be seen to broker a peace plan.

      It will be then when the world will fall under his spell.

      Meanwhile the False Prophet will seize power within the Catholic Church.
      Very soon it will be sucked into the New World Religion, a front for satanic worship. Worship of self will be the fundamental aim of this abomination and the introduction of laws, which amount to two things.
      The abolition of the sacraments and the abolition of sin.
      The Sacraments will only truly be available from those priests and other Christian Clergy who remain loyal to Me. They will offer these Sacraments in special refuge churches.

      The abolition of sin will be introduced through the introduction of laws which will be seen to endorse tolerance.

      They include abortion, euthanasia and same sex marriages. Churches will be forced to allow same sex marriages and priests will be forced to bless them in My Eyes.
      During this time they will continue to say their own version of the Holy Mass. Their offering of the Holy Eucharist, when they will desecrate the Host, will be held in Catholic churches.
      My Presence will not only be missing in such Masses but it will be missing in the very churches where they dishonour Me.

      All of these matters will be very frightening for My followers. You will no longer be able to benefit from the Sacraments except from the priests in My Remnant Church on earth.
      This is why I give you Gifts now, such as the Plenary Indulgence, for the absolution of your sins. It is not meant to replace the Act of Confession for Catholics.
      It will be a way in which you can remain in a state of grace.

      Although billions of people will convert during The Warning, these prophecies will still unfold. But much of them can be diluted through prayer to reduce the suffering and the persecution.

      You, My followers, remember, are protected at all times by the Seal of the Living God.

      You must spread the Seal and get it to as many people as possible.
      Please understand that I tell you these things to prepare you so that you can prevent as many souls as possible from accepting the Mark of the Beast.

      Satan will use the power of possession in those souls who take the Mark and it will be very difficult to save them.

      You will be instructed every step of the way, My followers, through this mission.
      You must not allow fear to enter your hearts for I will fill you with the courage, the strength, the stamina and the confidence to rise with your heads held high as you march in My Army.
      Remember Satan cannot win this battle for it can never be.

      Only those with the Seal of the Living God and those who remain loyal and steadfast to God can win.

      Your Jesus

    2. The only thing that is worthwhile paying attention to of this summit is the handshake between the Dotard and the Rocket Man — Who is going to show more force than the other?

    3. Disappointed at G7. Pull out hours after signing agreement? Really? He is pulling out too many things, undermines American creditbility. After signing a deal with Kim, will he pull out the day after too?

    4. I spend too much time apologizing to people around the world about our idiot in the oval office.  I truly hope that intelligent people everywhere know that most Americans are not supportive of this moron in the White House.

    5. he has pretty much defined 'success' as just about anything that doesn't lead to blows… what a great deal maker!! ha ha ha. maybe they can become pen pals or BFF's.

    6. he has pretty much defined 'success' as just about anything that doesn't lead to blows… what a great deal maker!! ha ha ha. maybe they can become pen pals or BFF's. almost as far from full denuclearization of peninsula as possible. trump's wasting everybody's time.

    7. The statement from the US that they view Canada , Mexico and the EU as a Securety treath is very serious and we cannot be in any kind of military or other alliance with this profoundly idiotic non stop verbal diarrhea Nation . As of the Summit with NK I hope NK is analyzing the statement “ ONE SHOT “ and are evaluating the risk given the US open willingness to admit to wanting to use THE LIBYA model ! A mass deadly ( purposely ) model ! The get to know each other statement does not fit in with that and it stands out and any nation should be concerned

    8. I just don't understand why he didn't put off the NK summit for a day or two so he didn't have to rush away from the G7. We need all of the allies we can get-especially Canada and Mexico. Well, he's on the plane-I didn't expect that to happen. For the good of Koreans and Americans, I hope they can cooperate with each other and not let their egos get in the way. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

    9. Bolton fell down on the gangway. Comrade McBonespurs hoping Kim has someone he can save from a labor camp to distract from his treason.

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