National University of Singapore – Study Abroad Report

As part of my International Business studies at Maastricht University, I spent one semester abroad at the NUS in Singapore – an incredible experience, find out why you should do the same!

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Cameras used: Sony RX100 M2, GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition, iPhone 5S
Microphone: Blue Yeti
Edited in Final Cut Pro X

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National University of Singapore - Study Abroad Report

Video credits to Markus Hahn YouTube channel

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    National University of Singapore – Study Abroad Report

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    1. how were you able to travel so much? Was it all personal travel or did you join any organizations at NUS? Was it expensive :0

    2. I'll be going to NUS for exchange in a few months! This video made me REALLY excited for my exchange – one of the best videos I've seen!!

    3. Wie gehts! (only german I know). Thank you for posting this informative video! I'll be studying abroad at NUS next fall and I can't wait

    4. Nice video! I was wondering how the education system at NUS differs from the one in the Netherlands? Also, did you consider going to Nanyang university in Singapore?

    5. can u please tell which songs were used in the compilation I liked the jibun da and the tune (or whatever it is called I don't know a thing about music)

    6. thanks so much my brother from another mother , infact you have answer a lot of question for and am so grateful . i am a Ghanaian from west Africa and i will be glad if you can asist me in anyway to connect to the international relation office of NUS i have sent some mail but no response . how can you help

    7. i have just searched for the exact number of tuition fee at NUS but i received nothing, could you please show me the approximately of tuition fee here, i mean NUS business school. Thank you

    8. Hello! Thank you for making this very useful video, I am going as an exchange student in 2017 and I was reading the accommodation options and I have read that in the Hall's there aren´t a lot of international students, but there are a lot of social activities. What are the main differences between Hall´s and (Utown and PGP ).
      Pd. I would prefer living where most international students are.

    9. Great video with a lot of information! Thank you, you definitely made me want to go there and I'm now sure that NUS will be my first choice when I have to apply for my Erasmus exchange next year! I still have a few questions about the classes and the life in Singapore generally. I would be really nice of you if you could answer them 🙂 Let me know if you have some time and how I can reach you. Thank you in advance!!

    10. Wow thanks so much for this video – great information and amazing footage! I just have one question I was wondering whether you could answer. Would you say most students studying abroad here are quite well-off in terms of money? I will hopefully begin at NUS in august, but my family is not particularly wealthy – do you think having budget constraints is would hold me back a little in terms of being able to afford all the amazing things you did? Thanks so much. Ed

    11. Hi great video! I am going on an exchange there next year, in PGP an Utown it looks like there is no meal plan, was it expensive or difficult to feed yourself without one? Or did you get a meal plan?

    12. well done! Quite a high quality video with awesome footage and, unlike many other videos which just show the footage with some background music, you give interesting and useful information about NUS and Singapore itself!

    13. hey thanks man for such a wonderful vedio ..I am planning to go there next year can u plz wht is the estimated cost for engineering courses..and is it a worth spending so much ..and I am from India…so I am also going to be a international student out there plz reply soon..

    14. Woah that was a really well-put together video, all the different shots, the music, the information…awesome! How did you get so good at making videos? Also what kind of camera were you using?

    15. Fantastic video! Singapore has definitely made it up my list of possible places to study. Thanks for sharing your experience! 🙂

    16. Hey Markus! Congrats on this video loved it man! I am from Hungary and currently planning my next semester wether it should be in Edinburgh or Singapore, but this vid made me so excited about NSU.
      Was all those ppl on the video your friends from Maastricht or you met them at NSU? Do you think I will find company to travel with? Because I am afraid that I"ll be alone. :/
      Thanks! 🙂

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