N. Korean leader Kim Jong-un arrives in Singapore ahead of summit with Trump

김정은 싱가포르 도착, 저녁엔 싱가포르 리셴룽 총리와 회담
The stage is nearly set in Singapore.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has now landed in the city-state, and his U.S. counterpart, Donald Trump, is on his way from Canada, having left the G7 Summit early.
And with only two days left until their historic meeting,… the International Media Center in Singapore also opened on Sunday.
Our Lee Ji-won is on the line from the media center… as part of our special Singapore coverage team.
Ji-won, give us the latest.

Devin, according to local media, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un landed in Singapore at around 2-thirty in the afternoon local time. Kim had left North Korea at around 8-thirty in the morning on a Chinese private jet that took him to Changi Airport. He was welcomed upon his arrival by the host city’s foreign minister, Vivian Balakrishnan, and headed straight to his hotel, the St. Regis.
Now, Kim will be meeting with the Singaporean Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong , sometime later today, but we don’t yet know the exact time.
Donald Trump, meanwhile, is currently on his way to the summit. After attending the Group of Seven meeting in Canada, he boarded Air Force One on Saturday, and is scheduled to arrive at Singapore’s Paya Lebar ( ) Airbase later, at 8-thirty five p.m. and go to the Shangri-La Hotel, according to the White House.
Trump will have his meeting with the Singaporean Prime Minister on Monday.

Now Ji-won, with the summit just around the corner, we’ve heard the atmosphere has changed a lot there. Can you tell us more about that?

Yes Devin, firstly, security has gotten much more strict. Singapore had designated areas around the hotels for the two leaders as “Special Event Areas” from Sunday through this coming Thursday. And that means restrictions on the use of drones, flags, banners and flammable materials, as well as spot checks and inspections of vehicles and people passing by.
There have also been security check points set up at the entrances of the hotels, as well as road blocks.
And with the delegations arriving at the hotels,… they’ve been surrounded by dozens of reporters and even local residents and tourists,… hoping to get a glimpse of a historic moment.

It’s actually been quite a positive vibe. I think everyone is quite positive about it no one is complaining. I think everyone is quite honored that such an important event is being held in our city.

Now, another “Special Event Area” is Sentosa Island, where the Capella Hotel is located. Capella is where the summit will begin on June 12th at 9 a.m., local time — that’s just two days from today. Now there are three ways of getting onto the island — by bridge, cablecar and monorail — and we are told that they will remain open, but visitors and vehicles are subject to spot checks.
But it seems that the tighter security isn’t affecting tourists on the island too much, as of now.

Now Devin, on top of these new rules and regulations coming into effect,… the International Media Center also opened earlier in the day,… hosting some 2-thousand reporters from around the world.
It’s where I’m connecting to you guys right now,… and it’s huge, clean and quite convenient for us to work in.
The Singaporean Prime Minister visited the place earlier,… with a swarm of journalists around him.
But despite our efforts, he did not mention anything about his upcoming meeting with Kim or Trump.
Now I’ll make sure to give you the latest on that when the time comes,… but for now, that’s all from me.

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N. Korean leader Kim Jong-un arrives in Singapore ahead of summit with Trump

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    N. Korean leader Kim Jong-un arrives in Singapore ahead of summit with Trump

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    1. I don’t know why we bother, the Asians hate us as much as the French and Canadians but world peace is worth it but we’ll never have true world peace bc countries hate Americans, what did we do? Our leaders make the decisions not average Americans. If ya don’t like us, we don’t like you, like the dumb French and Canadians. Poland and other countries like America we should trade and deal with them more not these hateful countries

    2. Let's see if I got this right: Kim Jung Eun, "leader" of the "best country in the world", flies on an Air China Boeing 747 for safety reasons? So much for JUCHE!

    3. If Singaporean handled the preparations nobody can complain.Ive been there when chewing gum in public was still legal and the only thing we complain about is why the buses are always on time.we arent used to such order and discipline.

    4. The Singaporean taxpayers will have to fork out $20 million for this shit summit .. between golden hair asshole and kimmy the fat boy. ..she got the cheek to say that no one is complaining.. if you dont know how the locals feel . Its best STFU

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