My Kids Try Healthy Food – Daddy Diaries: EP1

Most kids don’t like healthy food, but will Shan be able to fool his boys with healthier alternatives to their usual favourites?

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My Kids Try Healthy Food - Daddy Diaries: EP1

Video credits to Popular on YouTube – Singapore YouTube channel

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    My Kids Try Healthy Food – Daddy Diaries: EP1

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    1. I can't stop laughing, this is too funny! They're so cute!! Shan, if you still want them to eat dark chocolate. I suggest 70% chocolate, it's the lowest amount of coco that are still healthy or you can try from low to up with the coco %.

    2. You are way toooo kind as a father you need to be a little strict in a way like they can't choose what they eat
      Because when I was their age I eat everything my parents give me I wasn't allowed to choose and if I reject food ._. I get fucked they'll beat me ._. but I'm not saying you have to beat your children I'm just saying be alittle more fierce

    3. I have 2 year old twin girls. They've been given the same foods to eat since they were starting solid foods. One is a very adventurous eater. She will eat almost anything put in front of her. The other has aversions to some foods, especially the texture of meat. So I think it really has very little too so with getting them interested early on. They just don't like things and that's ok.

    4. maybe you can try the 70% dark one instead of the 90% one HAHA cos the 90% one is a bit too much even for me and I like dark chocolate! looking forward to more episodes!

    5. What my mum used to do for my younger brother was to prepare minced beef/pork/chicken bolognese, with hidden veggies in the sauce! Just cut them really small and let the sauce simmer so the veggies are softer and my brother didn't realize they were in the pasta sauce. Hope this will work for you mamas and papas out there!

    6. How my parents got me to eat vegs when I was a child: “look at all the older cool kids! They’re eating vegetables! You should eat it too to be cool!” Then proceed to tell my older brother and cousins that “look she thinks you’re cool for eating vegs, show her you can finish your plate!”

    7. This was so cute! I suggest making salsa if you want them to eat more tomatoes and just hiding it in a burrito or something. You can make the burrito really healthy with salsa, avocado/guac, black beans, chicken, lettuce, w/e you want.

    8. I craved every green vegetable when I was pregnant, immediately when she was old enough for real food loved green vegetables. Her favorite was broccoli and okra. I think what you eat when pregnant plays a part. First one I craved junk food and that's all she wanted. It was hard with her, I feel your pain. Love the episode!

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