MY FIRST Q&A / Am I RICH ? – HOW TO TRAVEL THE WORLD ? -Travel to Singapore,Ukraine,Thailand,USA…

Today I will do my First Q&A. I will answer all the questions that have been asked in the last few months, including the questions regarding how to travel the world and also if I am rich ( not the case haha ). Quite a personal video, hope you can get to know me better and get some value out of my opinions and experiences. See you soon 😉

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MY FIRST Q&A / Am I RICH ? – HOW TO TRAVEL THE WORLD ? -Travel to Singapore,Ukraine,Thailand,USA…

Travel to Ukraine, Travel to SIngapore, Travel the World

MY FIRST Q&A / Am I RICH ? - HOW TO TRAVEL THE WORLD ? -Travel to Singapore,Ukraine,Thailand,USA...

Video credits to Dany #gotaworldtosee YouTube channel

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    MY FIRST Q&A / Am I RICH ? – HOW TO TRAVEL THE WORLD ? -Travel to Singapore,Ukraine,Thailand,USA…

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    1. Hi Dany! I’m from the Philippines. I learned about you from a colleague when you were still here travelling. I just love your views and perspectives on things. I love the honesty and spontaneity. So obviously im hooked with your travel videos and i still got a lot to see. Keep it up! 🔥📷

    2. wow! just wow impressive. your insights n thoughts about things is what really caught my attention n watch till d end. ur pretty wise keep up the mindset n attitude and keep bettering yourself. (p. s not much of a commentor but i can't just pass on this. 😉.) keep it up.

    3. I'm from the Philippines and I learned from some of your videos that you visited the Philippines recently but only in the Visayas region namely Cebu and Siquijor, among others. I'm just wondering why you did not visit Luzon specifically Metro Manila. 🙂 If you're planning to visit Metro Manila, I would recommend places like Intramuros, Makati and BGC, which stands for Bonifacio Global City. My family and I live near Makati and BGC. 🙂

    4. Your vocabulary is outstanding for someone who grew up in a non English speaking background. You have picked up different cultural nuances in your speech and that makes you unique. Stay just like you are – you’re doing great.

    5. i just started watching your video for the past 3 days and I've been binge watching it especially the ones you had in the Philippines. I enjoyed it so much and I'm inspired to travel the world like you. I've been to Bohol, Siquijor, Cebu and Dumaguete too but not to Moalboal yet. Hoping to do that in the future. I'm excited to watch all your videos in the coming days. They are on my list now. As for your question, I'm Don from the Bacolod City, Philippines. Hope you could visit our island once your back in the Philippines. See ya and #gotaworldtosee

    6. Hi I am from Malaysia, the reason I watch your video is because I have the same purpose with you, which is travelling around the world with the least budget, I watch a bunch and a bunch of videos just to get some some ideas from them. I think your videos do help me quite a lot,I really appreciate that^^

    7. Thanks for the inspiration with Travel.. I converted my credit card points to get free flights and just pay for taxes. About 80% of my domestic flights are free.. My siblings are also flying with Philippines Airlines so I can also get to use their miles 😊

      Btw, thanks for visiting my country 😊

      From Cebu..

    8. i am much older, nearing 60, made many mistakes along the way and probably one of those guys living beyond my means.. i am hoping to turn it around it here very soon and i am listening to your youthful wisdom… i think that's quite awe inspiring… lets go get em!

    9. Hi Dany, I do like these early vlogs… i am certain that you will achieve your goals…
      i do a bit of travelling myself but mostly for work and my company. i hope to soon be going around different countries in ASIA in the very near future.
      Australia will also be one of my target destinations, again for work…

    10. I could tell you were in Australia with the mesh doors and distinctive laundry door in the background however if in Australia you must close a mesh door behind you to keep the flies lizards snakes spiders and crocodiles out 🙂

    11. Nice video. Interesting prospective on life. You both seen to be in good shape and good health. Financing the trip seems to going well. I hope to visit Germany someday. It is great that you are bilingual. Do you also speak Spanish? Speaking English will probably give you the largest audience. At 21 you seem to have done a great deal. You seem to have had guts at a young age. Your English is great. Are you trying to learn any Filipino? Great work. I really enjoy your channel. Be blessed!

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