Mueller Puts President Trump In Desperate Position; Pardon Spree A Bad Idea | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Rachel Maddow explains why if Donald Trump wanted to pardon his way out of the Mueller investigation by pardoning all of his family, friends, and colleagues, the Russian indictments would still keep everyone on the hook, so Trump would have to pardon the Russians too.
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Mueller Puts President Trump In Desperate Position; Pardon Spree A Bad Idea | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Mueller Puts President Trump In Desperate Position; Pardon Spree A Bad Idea | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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    Mueller Puts President Trump In Desperate Position; Pardon Spree A Bad Idea | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

    Comments 49

    1. MSNBC fanning the outage meter once again lmao. At this point MSNBC is soooo far left that is no longer watchable. Still waiting for the bombshell that is going to impeach Trump?…lmao keep waiting

    2. Mueller is the only thing that is keeping America a democracy at this point.

      I hope others in power get the balls to get involved and oust him. What a waste of money on legal fees by protecting this corrupt fool! And republicans claim to want less spending. What hypocrites!

      The republicans who claim to want a smaller government clearly want it so the wealthy ones can get away with their back door illegal deals.

    3. Witch hunt goes on, but nobody is wondering about the treason committed by Hillary Clinton. Selling uranium to Russian agents, in exchange for a 300 million dollar speaking fee. Embezzling 84 million dollars from the dnc, along with the countless bodies that follow the Clinton trail, child trafficking. This week a property owned by cemex/Clinton foundation in Tucson Arizona found tunnels with cages for child trafficking a bathroom with a child sized vanity. Blood and chains on a rock or tree.

      People like this reporter are so far to the left they are now bordering communism. Socialism doesn't work either. How does a bankrupt country keep paying entitlements when we can't raise taxes.

    4. Glad to see that the prosecutors will be able to see most 99% of all documents, this could be a big problem for Cohen and also for the so called President.

    5. There is so much more interesting news that you COULD be covering but you choose this miniscule data…to "overstate"? Do you not like audiences watching your show? Oh I forgot.. you hate Trump and the blinders mean you see only one color about everything. I used to like you.. now I see this phony fake constant theme has become a psychosis.

    6. This is kind of scary 😐 but necessary! We need to climb back to the top and Trump is holding us back! Amazing video and explanation btw.

    7. if congress or the doj refuses to do any thing about epa scott pruitt obivious crimes , how can we expect them to do anything about trump and the russia investigation findings ?

    8. If it comes down to it, we, the people of the United States of America won’t let TRUMP pardon the Russians too…right? 🤔 Right? 🤭 Right??? 😰

    9. Liberals have over-active imaginations. It will be hilarious when Mueller shuts down the investigation and liberal snowflakes find out that President Trump is completely exonerated.

    10. Do your viewers care about healthcare, immigration reform, taxes and pretty much anything else that is relevant to the country? Or do they not care about these issues and watch you TMZ style reporting on Trump hate? Do you care about relevant issues, or is the liberal MSM completely broke? Why dont you guys relocate this propaganda to a propaganda network, like MTV so there can be a primetime slot for a network that wants to talk to it's citizens about issues relevant to our nation.

    11. Deplorables would have no problem with Trump pardoning all of those Russians. None whatsoever. And so long as Fox "News" continues to be Trump's arm of propaganda, he will maintain legitimacy in their eyes. That is how stupid 40% of this country is….

    12. I really don't like this woman's presentation style. The manic reading of her script, punctuated by repetition of inane filler comments as she flips pages or waits for the teleprompter to catch up, just makes me want to stop listening to what she's saying.

    13. Hiding behind client privilege is negated by both client & lawyer breaking the law. How else do you get evidence of fraud & criminal Acts? The global elite don't get rich by being honest, they have lawyers & accountants covering up every move they make. The follow the money trail is enough to put them ALL in jail. If the average citizen commits a crime he is sentenced and sent down, if the president uses a pardon then he sets a legal precedent for every other citizen to claim.

    14. these " comedians " are distorting the truth to push their agenda of hate . they won't stop . they represent the fake and evil people who are afraid that people will wake up and see who was going to take over the county . the clintons and their ilk were selling out the country , and trying to destroy the democracy of the greatest county , to advance their globalist views . laugh , but your country was going down , you have been given a second chance . be a patriot .

    15. Wow… This is where the Illinformed hang out… Still falling for the Russia thing? Hope I did not pay for your education… Refund!!!!

    16. Maybe its just me, but i grew up in the midwest and lived in the middle of what has become trumplandia, if you will, the older people there all seemed to hate the Russians too.

    17. Mueller. A lawyer. Has both his front hoofs in the troth. And is able to keep billing the American people till he gets tired of getting paid. This investigation is good for another 10 years.

    18. What will your do, Rachel, when you find you are on the wrong side of this? The ENTIRE time!


      Maybe do a show about the Pakistani IT guy of Debbie Wasserman Schultz. I'd like your spin on THAT one!

    19. How come two Willy Chump is still in charge ? Why two Willy ? He couldn’t be that silly with one Willy . Now one of brown nosed clowns says Korean leader gets down on knees and begs USA “supreme leader” to reinstate June meeting . Are they all insane ?. They don’t want peace .
      God bless America they need it. John Cook. Australia.

    20. Priviledge??? Our Democracy is at risk…… turn every rock over till you get all the facts. I am a simple poor man…. if I was to commit a crime…would I have priviledge??? Thats was wrong with us… didnt God created all man equal? And this is USA… America…..Justise for all???? Or justice for only the powerful and wealthier??? " Libery and justice for all"?? Wake up America…Wake up…please lets unite… Fast…..God help us

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