Malaysia Payroll and Employment Act : Process To Deliver Tender Of Summon

When the person serving such summons delivers or tenders a copy of the summons to the person to be summoned or to an agent or other person on his behalf, he shall require the signature of the person to whom the copy is so delivered or tendered to an acknowledgement of service endorsed on the original summons.

(a) such person refuses or is unable to sign the acknowledgement; or
(b) the serving officer cannot find the person to be summoned and there is no agent empowered to accept service of the summons on his behalf nor any other person on whom the service can be made,
the serving officer shall affix a copy of the summons on the outer door of the house in which the person to be summoned ordinarily resides and then return the original to the Director General with a return endorsed thereon or annexed thereto stating that he has so. affixed the copy and the circumstances under which he did so.

The person serving such summons shall, in all cases in which the summons has been served under subsection (4) endorse or annex, or cause to be endorsed or annexed, on or to the original summons a return stating the time when and the manner in which the summons was served.

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Malaysia Payroll and Employment Act : Process To Deliver Tender Of Summon

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    Malaysia Payroll and Employment Act : Process To Deliver Tender Of Summon

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