Malaysia GST plan is saving but Singapore corrupting

Malaysia scraps GST while Singapore wanted to increase from 7% to 9% GST
The reason why Prime Minister Mahathir, unlike Najib, wanted to scrap GST is to save Malaysia.
Scrapping GST could give a boost to consumer spending and support the economy. In order words,
more Singaporeans would rather go to Malaysia to stay and spend too

Malaysia GST plan is saving but Singapore corrupting

Video credits to Danny Ng YouTube channel

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    Malaysia GST plan is saving but Singapore corrupting

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    1. Our Tun is the one and the only one who is genius PM throughout the universe. Thank god to give such a great human as a leader to our beloved country Malaysia. God bless Tun with long life.

    2. GST exists in lots of other countries, its a newer form of tax. And countries are adapting to it. Our 7% GST isn't consider much if you compare it with other countries. Its the only way to boost the economy of the country, especially in first world countries.
      France was the first country in the world to introduce the Goods and Services Tax, commonly known as GST. . Today, this system has spread to over 140 countries worldwide. The idea of scrapping GST will make Malaysia to suffer more as they are unable to pay the country's debt more quickly. Of course, no one likes GST. Cause its on us, but we need to accept it. It is needed in our country, especially in a first world country but is still developing further. JUST DEAL WITH IT

    3. Agree most ministers and officials are not strong in businesses. And I wonder why most elected as minister are from the generals from Saf extc..

    4. You are correct bro. We can do it, why can't Singapore. I have relatives in Singapore n they tell me they just can't save money there. Everything have to pay. We Malaysians still can park cars for free.

    5. you see malaysia change pm n govt. down here majority chinese no ball keep voting the govt n do not dare to change . indian has ball n malays has ball , european had balls to change. only china n singapore with chinese there majority no ball. china is different they got changr dynasty also before many many years. singapore almost 60 years govern still same no oppostiom much n not goona hv any change here .only chinese in singapore are suffering n keep voting for then . people from hong kong n china given citizen wake up reject it. n go back to homeland instead you stay here u hv serve ns n goona cost of living are gonna suffer. civil servants too getting punish etc teacher , millitary too. this not lky led coutry anymore no more soverignethy . bullshit medeka n majulah singapure its all moneis $$$$ raise n raise n raise n salary n people suffering unesscasry course exp security n cleaner everyting course n parking n houseing educstion n everyting. our familes is here n born ya i can leave i am not selfish n need to support my familes so no choice. when are majority in singapore are gonna open eyes ??? economy not good all cannot affrodable the bills is most expensive ever . No saving here n singaporean are streeless n majority chinese singaporen to getting poorer n so many graduate no jobs doing grab n grab eats . foriengners are superior here then singaporean. malaysia has can cancel gst n here singapore gonna rasie tax n not gonna do anything about food prices n transports prices bery very expensive n mrt is sick always breakdown . water prices too expensive n electicity price hw much we hv to savr 70 percent new citizen n citizen voted for pap n this what u get ?? richer get richer n poor get poorer you pay n pay you will get bankrupt if govt do know hw to manage the people welfare n finance look at neigbour . bbc n cnn n world news laughing at majorty race here in singapore look times up next ge all united n change n kick out pap n put workers party n sdp to form goverment . We need change n if cannot do 2020 election n they pap will rule forever even god cannot stop it they wil be arrogant .They keep rasing gst n tax n pour in foriengers. you family n you are the want going die. no cpf no retirement n no peace life. you gonna work till 100 years n lose your parents n live in poverty. no more complain as kennth said singapore is like north korea . atleast kim jong un cares his own people. lky does good but nw current pap led by his son he not his ideas its lee hsieng loong nt fit to be pm he cluesless keep punish the people especially poor n hks own race majority here. Malays has woke up in malaysia n voting put umno after 61 damm years why can't we do the same then what point democracy??? even if lee hsieng loong step down we need new goverment n new party etc workers party are dominant n sdp prfessor chee soon juan . We have educsted n smart leader from oppostion. it intead hv oppostin lead this beloved country. They will cancel gst n cancel all unessary projects n look to people more .erp all will be terminated if oppostiom comes in . whole system will change. singapore under oppostiim govt would not bankrupt cause sg has alot of investment n just need a proper finance minister to mangage n change ceo of the temasek holdings. cancel grabs n put back taxi opp will bring back law n order . pap was good in past under lky n goh chok tong. nw its worst. oppostion like prtiam singh are all great leaders slivia lim n chees soon juan if tan chenk bock comes in opp more powerful.nakib destroyed his dad legacy n lee hseing loong has already destroyed lee kuan yew legacy. We do not hv mahathir here but tun m is giving hard life to singapore pm . even mahathir said singapore need a change goverement. democracy is all about good n bad must changr prove the world we not one party govt we are singapore.

    6. Vote pap out, dun need meet the session, just keep the few good pap ministers on their job, email or pm them online to give feedback, which destroy the need for meet the session with useless mps

    7. GST is mostly to make the fiat currency stay competitive.
      There is only so few to combat inflation, GST is one of the quick & effective way.
      China is already not buying US treasury now they're looking for trouble with everyone with tariff hike.
      Maybe Singapore does it in anticipation of the worst outcome of US economy?

      Yeah we should be afraid too…

    8. even though malaysia is currently moving backwards to remove GST and reintroduce the SST, I believe Mahatir is smart and has a plan coming up to make malaysia great again.

    9. In Singapore, majority of us live in *HURRIEDLY DESIGNED BUILDINGS (HDB)*, constantly

      We need to *PAY AND PAY (PAP)*. Not only do we have to pay and pay, we *PAY UNTIL BROKE (PUB)*.

      Our roads are managed by people who *PURPOSELY WANT to DIG (PWD)*.

      To own a car, we need to *CUT ON ENTERTAINMENT (COE)*.

      Driving on our roads, we can't afford the *EXPENSIVE ROAD POLICY (ERP)*.

      The expressway is

      If you don't own a car, you need to take the MAD RUSH TRANSPORT (MRT)*, OR take a *SLOW BUS SERVICE (SBS) which is run by those who require us *NOT TO USE CASH (NTUC)*.

      Luckily, despite the frequent rail breakdowns, they have the LET'S TRY AGAIN (LTA) spirit.

      Not to worry in the end, we have CASH PROVIDED FUNERAL (CPF) to leave this world with dignity.

      This is the life of a normal Singaporean!

      Disclaimer: This is a watsapp message. Too funny not to share.

    10. At least he is dare to speak out for Singaporean, some Singaporean still deny that their govt is corrupted, they still think that their govt is clean and efficient, nvm, vote for their govt and keep paying the higher GST, be proud of your country !

    11. A government giving tax on consumers is not a good idea ever it's meant they don't know how to gain money without taking from rakyat.. Pap only knew to tax tax tax which any country could do

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