Local Cafe Saved by the Internet!

0:12 – Angela Lee defends title as ONE Women’s Atomweight Champion
0:48 – Netizens summon the power of the Internet to revive empty cafe
2:36 – EZ-link releases Pikachu EZ-charms
3:22 – Private hire car drives INTO pedestrian pathway
4:45 – Food for thought: Martin Zwerts’ fries
5:47 – Starbucks 1 for 1 promotion until 24th May
6:29 – KFC promotion: 10 pieces of chicken for $15

Relevant Sources:
Tweet spreading awareness on Washoku Cafe –
Facebook post spreading awareness on Washoku Cafe –
Washoku Cafe’s Facebook Page –
Pikachu Ez-charms –
Private hire driver’s reckless driving –
Martin Zwerts –
Starbucks 1-for-1 –
KFC 10 piece promotion –

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Local Cafe Saved by the Internet!

Video credits to Popular on YouTube – Singapore YouTube channel

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    Local Cafe Saved by the Internet!

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    1. The Toyota CHR driver should be fined heavily. That was really dangerous. What if there were a group of pedestrians there? It could have been super fatal.

    2. My dad is actually a private hirer driver since 2008. From limo service to taxi to F1 races' driver to outright hired by some Swedish impressed with my dad's services. (The swedish guy even let my family go to their house in sentosa and was almost gonna bring my dad to sweden as his permanent driver.)

      But his life aside he feels that ever since the introduction of companies like Grab have only made things worse for drivers. Obviously taxi drivers in the day weren't that good either but now most private hirers under grab are pretty much "rookies" where taxi licenses were only given to those with car license for a couple of years (4?). And like the taxis not all private hirer drivers are at fault. The ones you mostly see on the news are the idiot ones that create a rubbish perception of private hirer drivers in general. Even my extended family has this perception with my aunt saying "Oh, so you are respondsible for the traffic accidents now a days"(jerk)

      So I hope that whatever y'all think. Please know that there are still some drivers out there who try their best in services for you.

      Though I'm pretty sure most people don't use Grab anymore I dont blame you my dad wants to go back to driving a Taxi now that Uber died.

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