Kim Jong Un arrives in Singapore and meets with PM Lee Hsien Loong

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un arrives in Singapore ahead of the June 12 summit with President Donald Trump and meets with Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Kim Jong Un arrives in Singapore and meets with PM Lee Hsien Loong

Video credits to Popular on YouTube – Singapore YouTube channel

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    Kim Jong Un arrives in Singapore and meets with PM Lee Hsien Loong

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    1. TRAITOR trump will get bitch-slapped, again. Canada's hottie and smart leader bitch slapped our sloppy-fake dealmaker TRAITOR-trump at the G-7! LOL! trump knowingly conspired with our country's enemy to steal the WH!

    2. Is this a North Korean DICTATOR??
      This kid automatically took power through his blood line..
      This kid is extremely well educated in a Swiss school I believe..
      I believe this is the point this kid makes North Korea turn around…
      Let’s see!!

    3. These Fake news Ass wipes already talking about " What if it fails "
      why don't you shut the fuck up and see what happens….oh wait That's
      what President Trump said…..lets see what Happens !

    4. Everyone knows Kim is a world leader because he leads a country. Notoriety is his because he sends missiles over Japan. I love Trump's stratgegy , give a little and take a lot.

    5. Xi just release his puppy on a Air China to Singapore and it shake the world with the President of USA need to cut the G7 halfway to meet Xi puppy. Hahaha

    6. I want all people from all over the world to report or celebrate this event…Check on Singapore Law which is different than America and other countries…Enjoy…Being there…the first two summits‘ s Meeting. I wish that two leaders would Not talk about human rights which all other specialists who know better than two these summits. I wish that they talk More about Not have WAR between Two countries and other countries…so we can be secured and feel safer to live without Missiles or Nukes Kill US.

    7. Let's see what Drumpf gets from this meeting since the concessions he has granted are humongous already. First of all China should be in the meeting since without their sponsor$hip and $upport Kim would be the dictator on a 4th world dump who would never sit with the world's #1 potency. Drumpf should clarify that. Kim has gotten already more than he ever dreamed. Let's pay attention to what Drumpf accomplishes.

    8. We have a good chance here to turn this 34yr old leader Kim jong un around. Trump is gonna make it happen. Am pretty sure Kim is tired of being isolated by the world and I bet he wants to turn things around.

    9. He is not as stupid as Trump. He has been practicing all this for a while unlike Trump who has been practicing 'his whole life'. Kim is winning. He doesn't need America, I won't be surprised if he strikes a deal with Russia.

    10. Because Trump is such a bad deal maker, I think Kim will play him like a fiddle. Kim will lavishly praise him and then allow him to build a Trump Tower in N. Korea, and Trump will start to ease sanctions and embrace him.

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