How Master Sushi Chef Yumi Chiba Perfected Tamago — Omakase

Chef Yumi Chiba has spent her career trying to figure out one of sushi’s most illusive specialities at her restaurant Anago no Uotake, Japan.

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How Master Sushi Chef Yumi Chiba Perfected Tamago — Omakase

Video credits to Popular on YouTube – Singapore YouTube channel

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    How Master Sushi Chef Yumi Chiba Perfected Tamago — Omakase

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    1. 女性ならではの繊細で丁寧な仕込みで、とても好感が持てますね。

    2. Supposedly the reason women can't become sushi chefs is because they menstruate. And that leads to an "imbalance" in their tastes. And you have to have balance to be able to taste and smell the fish to know what's good/bad. There's also the issue of body heat…again supposedly women have a higher temperature and that can "harm" the fish…just by them handling it.

      Aka Japan being sexist again. It leads back to the very VERY old and basic idea that because women menstruate they are "unclean". Many countries/religions/groups hold onto this idea. Women have always been seen as a "weaker" sex, a sub human, something below men. It's a backwards way of thinking.

      But that whole reason…makes me wonder. What about older women who no longer menstruate? Can they become sushi chefs? Or what about women who don't have periods for medical reasons? What about transgendered people?

      I wonder what one of those "master" sushi chefs would say to those questions…

    3. Wish these videos were 2 or 3 times longer, there's so much information I feel I'm missing, and I want to see more of the process of how she breaks down fish, along with the names of all the sushi she prepared. Also kinda hard to see what things actually look like when almost every shot is a "slowly shift focus ring" shot.
      It's a pretty video though, just wish there was more detail lol

    4. Can a woman become and be a sushi chef? Absolutely!! It is a passion, a love, and an art. I appreciate the love and effort they put into making their sushi for me. Great video!

    5. The amount of work that goes into making a piece of sushi is just astonishing. And she does it all by herself from beginning to end. Amazing chef!

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