How I Afford to Travel All the Time || Greetings from Singapore!

One of my most asked questions! Diving into some tips on HOW and WHY you should travel the world…and not lose all your money! How I afford to travel all the time?? I spend most of my time in India, but I’m currently traveling through Singapore with my husband. We have been all over the world the last few years, as our spiritual path has pulled us all over the map. Next stop, Vancouver!

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How I Afford to Travel All the Time || Greetings from Singapore!

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    How I Afford to Travel All the Time || Greetings from Singapore!

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    1. Why you are able to travel is because you are american you can go shit in any corner of the world because your country is a bully.

    2. Thank U so much……Namaste..when you are in Vancouver u can call me, at the Laguna Vista apartment were i am the manager….604-681-2900….Namaste

    3. Americans can travel cheap to some countries simply because the money exchange ratio.
      One American dollar to Guatemala = of their money – 1 to 7.
      India has Rupees – One American dollar to Indian Rupees = $1 to 65 Rupees.

      Some people are "couriers" and get in a waiting line, thus they get free flights.

      The exchange ratio between countries is not fair because they are not exchanging wealth as money/medium of exchange.
      If all nations used wealth substance then the exchange ration would be 1 to 1, equal exchange.
      Think would you exchange 1 silver coin for less coins in another country? No.

      Why do you think certain industries move to other nations? Because the exchange ratio makes it for paying labor less money than here in the USA.

      Example: New York City used to have large manufacturing of blue jeans, then they moved to Guatemala, then they moved to China. = cheaper labor.

      Want to solve all this illegal aliens going from nation to nation? Have fair laws regarding exchanging wealth in every nation, instead of worthless fiat money based on law.

    4. Hi !!!! Congrats for your nice video and for your Channel !!! Love it !
      You have a new supporter 😄👍🏻

      I also have a YT Channel about my travel across Europe and Asia, India in particular 🇮🇳🕌🙏
      it will be nice if you could have a look at it and let me know your comments 🙂

      Thanks a lot and Greetings from Lugano 🇨🇭 Switzerland

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