CNN’s Anthony Bourdain dead at 61

Anthony Bourdain, a gifted storyteller and writer who took CNN viewers around the world, has died. He was 61. CNN confirmed Bourdain’s death on Friday and said the cause of death was suicide.

How to get help: Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

CNN's Anthony Bourdain dead at 61

Video credits to Popular on YouTube – Singapore YouTube channel

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    CNN’s Anthony Bourdain dead at 61

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    1. Apparently Bourdain had interviewed Elon Musk for his Show, discussing the future and current state of science. He also was planning on meeting the president. It really looks like he was going to do something similar to Kanye, following the small number of other powerful celebs supporting freedom of thought.

      Many people(Including Myself), Never would've believed that Kanye would meet with Donald Trump had you told them before it happened, and yet here we are. It's not about agreeing on everything. Just the Freedom of thought. Bourdain was a man who explored the world, he was a liberal, but he believed in free thinking individuals, tasting the world. And before he was about to voice his new beliefs, He was murdered.

      SpaceX has confirmed the interview did occur, and apparently Elon Musk/SpaceX will be coming out with information regarding Bourdain's untimely death. Why was this immediately declared a suicide? Why, with a young daughter, a thriving TV show and production company, being one of the most trusted people on CNN, with an considerably large cultural sway, would he kill himself?
      Close friends of Bourdain's have stated they do not believe he committed suicide. That this was extremely out of character. There is something else going on here. People are gobbling up the suicide headlines like popcorn, while there are red flags everywhere.

    2. Most of CNNs viewers condemn the "Thoughts and prayers" saying it doesnt help a situation. Here it's supposed to mean something. How about people stop thinking about themselves for a hot minute and pick up the phone and call or visit someone. Dont wait to help someone after the fact. Prevent the situation as much as you can by showing people that you dont matter as much to yourself then they do.

    3. One of the rare people who didn't hide anything about his life… If anything, he spent more time putting his dirt out there, it was so easy to FORGIVE him BECAUSE of this…. Not a single person could possibly sling mud at an open book like this… and GONE, just like that. RIP

    4. Anthony Bourdain is dead. Another celebrity suicide. As much as I liked the guy, I'm not going to sit here and "celebrate" him because he took his own life. It bothers me that nowadays suicide is given a free pass to be a valid excuse to die. There is no longer a taboo in society about suicide. I feel like the push for mental health acceptance issues to be seen in a positive light has jumped the shark into dangerous territory now. Depressed and unhappy with your life? Kill yourself and everyone will love you. That's the message coming across the from the media. No. I'm not having it. I refuse to celebrate anyone's life who killed themselves. Your life is a precious gift, not only to yourself but to everyone who knows you. If you kill yourself, you are robbing everyone that knows and loves you of your precious gift and plunging them into sorrow and grief- so selfish I can't forgive that. Especially when you have children- you have to be a special kind of asshole to abandon your kids and force them to suffer the incredible pain and anguish of losing a parent needlessly. This message has been brought to you by someone who has suffered with depression for 25 years, and has been on and off anti-depressants the whole time. So if you want to challenge me that I don't understand the "disease" of depression, that I don't know what it is like to dance with the devil in my own head, I'm the wrong person to battle with on this topic. Been there, done that, have the t-shirt. I have immense sympathy for others battling depression like myself, but I draw the line at suicide.

    5. When I was 6 my family had one TV. After school when we would get home my dad would watch it with us. I understood nothing then but over the years I basically grew up with him. Although I never talked to him I'm actually sad about this.

    6. You just see how devastated the news anchors, just goes to shoe how valued he was by so many. Rip anthony, and wherever you are i hope you can see how many lives you have touched woth your work, and be at peace

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