Can you solve the penniless pilgrim riddle? – Daniel Finkel

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After months of travel, you’ve arrived at Duonia, home to the famous temple that’s the destination of your pilgrimage. The walk from the welcome center to the temple isn’t a long one … but there’s a problem. Can you outsmart the city’s imposed tax and make it to the temple without paying a fee? Daniel Finkel shows how.

Lesson by Daniel Finkel, animation by Artrake Studio.

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Can you solve the penniless pilgrim riddle? - Daniel Finkel

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    Can you solve the penniless pilgrim riddle? – Daniel Finkel

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    2. I was a little confused by the American term 'block', saying you cannot walk the same block twice in any direction, I thought that applied to all four sides of each square, but I take it block refers only to a single side of a square. Anyway I actually learned something really useful about the order applied to formulas, I was unsure of this fact in the past.

    3. Okay but there is one thing that you kind of have wrong about the riddle I could have solved this simply but when you think about it if you had a negative number if you're timesing it by 2 how does it keep on going down you're supposed to make it however many times meaning it would go up

    4. There is another way
      Can you complete it where the city owes you 2 coins!!!
      To subsidize all that walking and stuff

    5. Thank you for posting a riddle that actually keeps it within the rules given rather than being a "Technically you can" solution such as the wizard duel.

    6. Lol. I spent about 15 minutes trying to figure it out, but kept finding myself limited by practice and not rules. I kept thinking "I can't be owed taxes" based on my experiences, so I would not let that be an answer. Lol. When I unpaused and saw him say "owed 1", it blew my mind. LMFAO. Seriously. Hahahaha. Thanks for reminding me that math laws and government laws are very different. Hehehehehe

    7. That was kinda bogus because we have no way of knowing that we can go into the negative numbers because in real life that’s not how it works

    8. found another way
      start at gate
      go east 2 times to welcome center
      go south 2 blocks
      go east 2 blocks
      go north 2 blocks
      go south 1 block
      go west 3 blocks
      go south 3 blocks
      then go east 4 blocks to the temple
      now you owe -16
      meaning they owe you 16 silver

    9. I thought the trick would be walking south while your tax is zero, so it wouldn't increase at all. Never thought of going negative, then having the negative multiplied out.

    10. I found a way to even get 2 Silver at the end. After the two initial steps to the East you have to go:
      South (8) -> West (6) -> West (4) -> South (8) -> South (16) -> East (18) -> East (20) -> East (22) -> East (24) -> North (12) -> North (6) -> North (3) -> West (1) -> South (2) -> West (0) -> South (0) -> West (-2) -> South (-4) -> South (-8) -> East (-6) -> East (-4) -> East (-2).

    11. I found a solution in which THEY OWE YOU MONEY when you arrive at the temple.

      After initial EE, it follows SWWSSEEEENNNWSWSWSSEEE = -2 Silver

      Even though your rules of pilgrimage do not allow having money on your journey,
      you can spare it for a meal with other ripped-off pilgrims.

    12. I think there are many ways to solve it. I found a way that works perfectly and isn't the solution they gave. It works on the same principle though.

    13. I would have solved this riddle if it weren’t for the idea of having negative tax… that isn’t very logical tbh I guess I don’t think outside the box enough

    14. I ended up with a solution where they owed me two dollars.

      S 8, w 6, w 4, s 8, s 16, e 18, e 20, e 22, e 24, n 12, n 6, n 3, w 1, s 2, w 0, s 0, w -2, s -4, s -8, e -6, e -4, e -2 and I'm there.

    15. You could do what TED-ED tells you and be CHUMPS that get nothing, or you could make some god damned money.

      @4 DLLDDRRRRUUULDLDLDDRRR And get a whole 2 coins like a pro. #DoTheMath

      [DLL](((4*2)-2)-2) = (4) [DDRRRR] (4*2*2)+8 = (24) [UUUL] (((24/2)/2)/2)-2 = (1) [DL] ((1*2)-2) = (0) [DLDD] ((0*2)-2)*2*2 = -(8) [RRR] -8+2+2+2 = -2

      A profit of 2 coin. Get wrecked TED-ED.

    16. … Wow, you don't bother to specify whether the double is based on when you start walking or if the total is created afterwards. That couldn't possibly effect things.

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