Breaking News – Trump Departing To Singapore For “One-Time Shot” Summit With North Korean Leader

Breaking News – Trump Departing To Singapore For “One-Time Shot” Summit With North Korean Leader

U.S. President Donald Trump warned Saturday that his meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un in Singapore on June 12 is a “one-time shot” for the reclusive leader.

Before leaving the international Group of Seven summit in Quebec, Trump told reporters that he expects to know right away if Kim is serious about giving up the country’s nuclear weapons. “Within the first minute I’ll know,” he said. “It’s what I do.”

He has described his planned meeting with Kim as a “mission of peace” and expressed optimism about North Korea’s future. “We think North Korea will be a tremendous place in a very short period of time,” Trump said.

On Friday, Trump defended his readiness for the summit, telling reporters, “I’ve been preparing for this all my life.”

Breaking News - Trump Departing To Singapore For

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    Breaking News – Trump Departing To Singapore For “One-Time Shot” Summit With North Korean Leader

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    1. Ok so first they wanted to nuke USA, refer to Kim as rocket man, North Korea holds a traditional parade showing off their weapons, USA sanctions North Korea, North. Korea and South Korea agree to have peace, president Trump plans to make a deal with Kim. All this insanity I don’t buy it. The most bullshit the media produces!

    2. These "experts" are idiots. President Trump has already done more with NK that any other leader. Everybody just needs to hush. .. This is Potus's baby.

    3. I bet a years pay Trump fucks up the Negotiations by being too heavy and demanding, its a moral he is a big mouth Snake Oil Salesman a circus performer

    4. The important things that we initially need to address during this first Trump-Kim Meeting are: (a) Can we talk about peace? (b) Can we agree on the agendas on which the Meeting can proceed?

      Kim believes Trump, because Trump is a man of his words, and that is the main reason why Kim decides to talk to Trump. Though, Trump can be tough, but Kim can trust Trump as compares to other western leaders who are merely politicking. Trump is serious and sincere when it comes to helping people, especially the North Korean people. Kim realises that blackmail doesn’t work and also it is not going to help his country and people, and Trump doesn’t easily succumb to blackmail.

    5. We, ㅡ The world eye on you,
      Koreans, ㅡ They are One Nation.
      They want shack hands and hug,
      if someone say 'NO ' , THEY WILL
      plus there's nobody have qualified
      to say No on earth.
      So, just do for the Noble Prize,
      and Head for the Mt Rushmore
      I think it will be exciting. good luck!

    6. What are the chances NK loosing they nukes? NONE
      They do, nothing stoping US going after them on some technicalities. Either way it's loose loose for NK. Specialy after all the shit Bolton and Pompeii are saying.
      Trust US and sign your own death warrant.

    7. I've heard the news that Donald Trump requested a famous singer to sing a special song for Kim Jong Un in the upcoming summit in Singapore.

      The singer's name is Sir Elton John OBE (Order of the British Empire), MBE (Member of the British Empire).

      The song is called :

      The Rocket Man.

      Donald Trump really has a good sense of humour but also applying political pressure with this song.

    8. Cerco and SES tried to take down Trumps plane Plans were to use an AWACs plane they were going to stack one plane over another…. American Airllines involved. Able Danger stopped this action….

    9. Americans need pray for our president Mr trump meet with Kim Jong un June 12 at the single fore .Pray for Kim Jong un must list to what American government offering to helping nor Korea and Kim Jong un must clean off luclear weapons and their mind to keep hubble it will be done amen.

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