Brazilian Elections: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Brazil is about to elect a new president during a turbulent period of political corruption and economic uncertainty. John Oliver urges the people of Brazil not to figuratively fingerbang their democracy.

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Brazilian Elections: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Video credits to Popular on YouTube – Singapore YouTube channel

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    Brazilian Elections: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

    Comments 42

    1. Caramba! Quase cometi um erro fatal votando nesse neofascista, obrigado John Oliver por espalhar um pouco da sua imensa sabedoria e conhecimento do nosso país, nos alertando do perigo que nós estamos correndo.

    2. You’re spreading lies out of context, don’t meddle in Brazilians politics, respect us. And by the way, Trump is a excelent president, good thing is that no one give a damn to the mainstream mídia anymore

    3. Guys (brazucas) relax this is just a comedian show…. That is him job tell jokes and in the end of the day is funny… And the news he talk about and he don't give a shit of course is not understanding for him or people who live around him or wacht him show… First he don't understand portuguese, he is a comedian but he can't understand Bolsonaro jokes, he can't understand Brazilians jokes, but we can understand he jokes guys come on… Don't take so serious this guy jokes… If u guys (Brazilians) don't relax and just laughs about him jokes u Brazilians will be just like him… A stupid person who think know about everything….

    4. Haddad is Lula's puppet. This is sad and this program should made a better research without bias. But I could not wait for nothing as this shit you presented. Shame on you all.

    5. These are the options now…
      Vote in someone who will finally crash the Brazilian economy or a fucking racist.. I believe the second one will not have power to do insane changes… The congress will not approve it. That's how I see. The second one is still under treatment after been stabbed… Crazy situation no?

    6. You should read both governement projects and then, only then, give us your opinion. I'll make your job easier though and give you some info to start:
      About Bolsonaro, a dictator usually doesn't let the citzens have their own guns. I also don't remember to have seen an economical liberal dictator who defends the freedom of speach anywhere and less power to the governement, but I might be mistaken. Bolsonaro mistreated his female colleague, Maria do Rosario, shown on the video because he was defending a punishment to the murder of Liana Friedenbach, a 16 yo girl who was kidnapped, rapped and tortured for 5 days by a 16 years old guy and his 3 friends, before being slowly killed with a knife. This woman defends this kind of criminal because he's considered a child in Brazil (under 18), they don't go to jail and Bolsonaro was arguing to change this law, she offended him and called him a rapist among other insults, and that's why he reacted like that. He should have sued her for what she said instead, but he didn't because he believes on the freedom os speach.
      Haddad is against the guns for civilians, he wants to free more prisioners because the jails are too crownded. He also proposes government control of the media if he's elected (it's written on his project, available on his website, if you want). He financed organized crime when he was mayor in Sao Paulo on more than 20 million reais through fake social projects, he's also under investigation by "car wash". His party has supported countries like Venezuela, Cuba, Angola, Zimbabwe, Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea; none of these countries is known for its democratic system, and Brazil spent more then 11 billion DOLLARS supporting these dictatorships, meanwhile, we were breaking down. Not to mention his master Lula, but you apparently know him.
      Given these informations, where's your dictator now?

    7. Nunca ouvi tanta merda em um programa só falando do Bolsonaro.. da onde ele tirou isso ? Pegou historias e destorceu tudo .. a parte que ele descute com a maria do rosario foi porque ela defendia um estrupador que era de menor e ele queria ele preso acho melhor o Jhon pesquisar melhor antes de falar tantas besteiras 😪

    8. He has failed in saying some things yes, but most of these claims and footage were from a VERY long time ago, WHY on earth is being honest and not taking part of the vast corruption the country faces not highlighted with as much intensity as these claims which by today's times are no longer in order. He has declared COUNTLESS times he has NOTHING against homosexuals, women or black people. He apparently had, but his views changed, much like how we are fit to change as well. Now, considering the fact that Brazil was going through major chaos in with massive health, safety and educational issues, his ideas need to be researched more thoroughly before painting this type of image on someone. Trump had a few unhappy statements which most of us already know, and even i condemned him for doing so, but i realized that people are flawed, and so are presidential candidates, yet he is still the ONLY deputy with 0 charges for corruption, and as long as you are honest and care for the well being of the people and the growth of the country despite what you said in the past i will vote for that person, and right now given the choices, BOLSONARO is the one. #Bolsonaro17

    9. When you made a video criticizing Dilma years ago, everyone was loving you here in Brazil, you became a reference for the right-wing Brazilian parties that support impeachment. Now they do not use the same isonomy, people throw stones at you to speak the obvious. Symptoms of a Brazilian disease: a crisis of honesty.

    10. Uhuuuuuuu I am Brazilian and I am here to speak you are a caviar left, man. Yes, you are.
      Thank God many and many Americans aren't caviar left.
      And go Trump and Bolsonaro blessed by God.

    11. You have no ideia what this country has been through in the last 13 years with PT in the government. 13 Milton unemployed people… u want to talk shit about the “Brazilian trump” but trump is the one that got less then 4% of unemployment in USA. Did u even red the Haddad plan of government, the part where he wants to control the mídia, because as far as I know that is called fascism. So before I talk shit about Brazil politics, try to study more. Because u don’t have a fucking clue of what the population is going through

    12. Our country is facing real problems, people can't feel safe , corruption is making our country a shame, PT wants to take control over Brazil and do the same thing Maduro is doing to Venezuela. People are dying starving there, they have no liberty, those who fight against Maduro's dictatorship are dying in the streets. Shame on those who had their country built by capitalism liberty , and want the other countries to eat your politically right ideas while suffering in the hands of State.

    13. Reading a lot of the comments in Portuguese and I see a lot of them saying that we are no better because we have trump or that their candidate is better than trump. BUT let me tell you guys this… if you are using trump to set standards. You are already fuck. You think he is better than trump but literary EVERYTHING is better than him. So your argument is already stupid and meaningless.

    14. Esse é o mesmo porcaria que disse que o Trump não se elegeria. Não sabe nada de política e repete o mesmo jargão falso e ordinário da esquerda brasileira e de seus comparsas. Se apoia ladrões e corruptos da esquerda que praticaram a maior roubalheira do mundo, vá fazer companhia ao Lula presidiário e seus quadrilheiros. Bolsonaro é democrata, Lula e Haddad são aprendizes de ditadores de seus ídolos Fidel e Raul, Chavez e Maduro, Ortega e Kim Jong Un.

    15. Esse cara é pago pra bostejar pela boca, porque aí ele tem muita audiência dos são contra o governo atual lá nos EUA, que se assemelha com a política do Bolsonaro.

    16. Said by a person who lives in a country where you buy bullets and guns on supermarkets and fought against comunists with terror!!!! Cold war and stuff….

    17. More information…. Brazilian people work 5 months every year just to pay taxes. But we don’t see this money in our basic public service to our welfare. Plus, Bolsonaro isn’t a nice person, he didn’t steal us, and in the video with other Woman Congresses, she was defending a criminal teenager that killed a couple of teenagers, rape of the girl for 14 days, and she told in public that he didn’t know what he did, he couldn’t be in custody, because he is a good boy. She is a nice and reasonable woman, isn’t?

    18. Oh John, I am such a huge fan of this show; and you always manage to make me laugh- but I’m very disappointed with this latest clip. I am not a trump supporter- he is the one of the worst things to happen to the United States; but frankly for anyone who is not able to vote in the Brazilian election, does not speak português and understand the culture- to compare Bolsonaro to Trump? You do not know what you are talking about. Yes; he is blunt in a horrible way; and says many inflammatory statements. I can understand why people looking in from the outside with little knowledge in Brazilian culture see similarities between him and the orange currently in the White House( and I do believe American media has been latching on to this just to take attention off of the shitty president we have currently); but Bolsonaro actually cares about the country and wants to see change. Brazil is very corrupt; and Lula and anyone associated with Lula is not going to help with the corruption problem. I used to take 90% of what I watched from you at face value; but now I find myself asking “who is missing from this story?” And “who is benefiting from this story?”. I wish you had gone into and done more research on all the corruption, crimes and the politicians that have gotten away with it and more on the scandal with PT- that is the real issue with Brazil. I hope you address the issues in Brazil a little bit more in depth in the future, and maybe consider other sides of the coin as well! You are still hilarious and smart; would recommend 10/10; but Bolsonaro is not the same as the deplorable entertainer currently serving as the United States leader.

    19. Vim aqui só pra rir dos minions criticando o cara que faz isso com TODOS os políticos (inclusive tem ele falando da Dilma e do PT, procura aí). Eu achava que reclamar de piada era mimimi, galera.

    20. (Brazilian speaking – the guy who knows shit:) Dear John Oliver, I love your videos and I have been following your work for more than 2 years, since the Brexit incident. However, even though you really did some research and made a very persuasive 'lecture' about our election, I have to tell you, in respect of my fellow Brazilians, that you did not tell the whole picture of Jair Bolsonaro. I know it is very easy to criticize him because of some stupid things he has said (by the way, Lula has also said some dirty stuff about women, and in terms of prejudice, the candidates are not very different), but in Brazil we are tired of PT (the political party being represented by Haddad, the other candidate), because for the last one and a half decade they have robbed money from our pockets. And we know that thanks to Operation Car Wash. Additionally, PT has put us into a social and economic, no wonder we are in a recession now and the rates of unemployment are really high, increasing the rates of violence in the streets and the rates of social inequality. Bolsonaro is indisputably not the perfect candidate, but he is our best option and our last hope when compared with Haddad. It would be simply unethical to choose PT, prior to the fact that because of it, we are in moments of disorder and regression, moving totally against the emblem of our flag ("Ordem e Progresso" = (meaning) Order and Progress). People are living in extreme misery and we don't have time to care for political incorrectness.

    21. Thanks John… the problem is that our people is still too dumb to see the reality… as you can see on the quantity of dislike on this video as well as the comments down here those come from nasty people… we still have lots to learn as society! Thanks for your support…

    22. Wait a minute, something just doesn't add up here. If Lula would have won in the first round, how Bolsonaro amassed almost half of the total of votes? Are you telling me that some Lula voters switched sides out of despite or something?

    23. What a bunch of nonsense. What would you know about what really goes on in Brazil?! Besides all the fake news they spread around, and you read about it. Now saying that the Haddad the corrupt it’s a better option, you are clearly clouded by some idiotic thinking. Maybe if Brazil becomes another communist country, that will benefit the US right! NOOOOPE!! You will be surrounded a very dangerous neighborhood, don’t you think?! So use your show for the good not to provide the wrong ideology about something you are clueless and misinformed.

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