Bangkok VS Singapore | Capital Tourism of Southeast Asia

This video just does not show the whole city! Millions of tourists arrive each year coming to these cities to witness the amazing attractions. Bangkok is a river city, while Singapore is a strait city.

Bangkok and Singapore are the most glitzy cities in Southeast Asia. Apart from being the capital of the country, both are known as a bustling tourist town and also a busy port city.

*Video from many sources

Bangkok VS Singapore | Capital Tourism of Southeast Asia

Video credits to VeRN YouTube channel

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    Bangkok VS Singapore | Capital Tourism of Southeast Asia

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    1. Singapore Win …Because Singapore country Equivalent Area =Pukhet ..Pukhet Doubled Smaller Than Bangkok ,So that Singapore must take Doubled Area of country for=Bangkok So that therefore Singapore Economy Management System It's Easier Than Bangkok do not compare.. I Love Both Country… I'm Thai Guy

    2. In term of clean neat order singapore win but In term of chaotic fun unexpected exploring culture rich cheap thailand bangkok win and the most importance is that thai have a large room for improvement in otherhand singapore almost have no room for easy improvement left ….in my opinion

    3. เดี๋ยวนะ รอสถานีกลางบางซื่อกูแป๊บหนึ่ง รอรถไฟฟ้าความเร็วสูงเชื่อมสามสนามบินด้วย มึงจะรู้เลยว่าอะไรคือของจริง

    4. Singapore is rich,modern, smart, English speaking, clean,green and safe but i luv Bangkok 555 my other half sporean also love bkk.

    5. Singapore is so bored, just 3-4 days for travelling or a week for discovery all is enough. Everything is man-made such as a plastic temple named Tooth Relic Temple. But in term of modernization, Singapore won. Modern/Clean/Green/Safe but bored/no dynamic/no creativity and very strict. You can not be Gay/LGBT or even chew gum here. Singaporean decease to have sex and don't walk beside street. Every city have its own style and own problem.

    6. I am Thai. Singapore is cleaner than bangkok so much. Modern living city. Singaporean are so puctual, discipline.

      Bangkok people are lower civilization, the city is not neat like Singapore but the advantage of Bangkok is cost of living. It's cheaper than Singapore so much maybe 1/4 for a dish of food.

      Bangkok is open for LGBT and all type of genders. Freedom city, variety shopping places, street food etc.

    7. ถ้าวัดกัน กันเรื่องใครเจริญกว่า สิงโปร์ไง ก็ดูสิ ประเทศเขาเล็กมาก แล้วเงินที่เอามาพัฒนาประเทศก็…เพราะบ้านเขามันเล็ก บริหารจักการง่าย แต่ไทยนี้ใหญ่ แล้วจะให้เอามาพัฒนาให้เจริญทุกหย่อมหญ้าโอ้ยคงยาก มันไม่แฟร์

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