AMAZING Malaysian Food Tour of Ipoh! Salt Chicken, DESSERTS!

The second half of the day in Ipoh, we went to eat salted chicken, roast pork, and sprouts chicken. MORE EXCLUSIVE Content on Instagram:

0:40 Woong Kee- Dou Fu Hua

3:30 Aun Kheng Lim Salted Chicken

6:20 Menglumbu (万里望)Wet Market- Roast Pork

8:28 Kedai Kopi sun yuan foong- White Coffee

12:30 Onn Kee Bean Sprout Chicken 安记芽菜鸡

17:04 Tong Sui Kai Dessert Street (mee goreng 32 and going back)

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Ikson- Buddy

AMAZING Malaysian Food Tour of Ipoh! Salt Chicken, DESSERTS!

Video credits to Popular on YouTube – Singapore YouTube channel

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    AMAZING Malaysian Food Tour of Ipoh! Salt Chicken, DESSERTS!

    Comments 43

    1. The host (Steven) is respectable and just lets Mikey enjoy the food and does his thing. The other guy that’s usually on the right when the sit down to eat really annoys me though..

    2. Misleading title. This is not Malaysian at all. This is Chinese. Malaysians are made up of many other races. Fair enough, its the food guides that brought him around but he should’ve been told abt this. And the food guides, honestly as diverse as the food choices are in Malaysia, this shows a lack thereof in their choice.

    3. To Mikey,

      I just want you to know that your videos are really entertaining and I'm working for a body transformation. I'm skinny and now building muscle and just wanted to let you know that everytime I workout I have your videos to entertain me while I do so in front of me. Thanks and I hope you keep uploading!

    4. Hate plastic silverware. Now I travel with stainless steel. I need a small bowl, but I think vendors would be put offf buy it if I didn't want th disposable stuff. I could tell them I need to put it in my bag.

    5. Do they cook the Chicken while under the salt or they just leave it covered with salt and removed it an hour or two later and it's cooked and ready to eat?

    6. All Chinese food, not a single real Malaysian food, you should have bring him to nasi kandar, pasembor at penang, nasi kerabu, ayam percik in kelantan, murtabak, rendang etc, not only some Chinese food that 70% of Malaysians never had about.

    7. really don't understand why some are complaining its only malaysian chinese food he's trying.
      if you want him to try the other types of food, offer your service as a food guide so he can try the other types of food in malaysia.
      we are in 2018 and still having mentality that malaysian chinese food isn't malaysian food, no wonder our beloved country is in such state.
      can't we live as one race as in human race cause in the end no matter where we came from or where we go, we are still in the same place called Earth.

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