Tourists see the red light disctrict of Singapore

Singapore – May 10th, 11th, 15th, 2007
1. Tourists walking through red light district
2. Tilt up from ground to brothel
3. Girl outside hostess bar (not brothels but where female hostesses are paid to get the men to drink. Some may agree to be paid for sex.)
4. Girl beckoning from hostess bar
5. Hotel that books rooms by the hour
6. Tour guide leading group across road
7. Kum in Yoga sign pan to women in brothel
8. UPSOUND: Helena Poon, tour guide
Two years ago some of our legislators were not quite sure either. Do you believe this? They actually in parliament asked so is prostitution legal or what? And the answer from the minister of state for law was yes it is legal in Singapore
9. Set up shot of Jeyathurai A
10. Close up of typing
11. Close up of face
12. SOUNDBITE: (English) Jeyathurai A, managing director of Journeys, which runs the Original Singapore Walks
“Singapore has always we’ve been told to be a very sanitised boring place where there is a lot of control and so forth and we wanted to show the rest of the world that Singapore is like any other country, it had the same factors that drove it that the people were no different, they are as red blooded as the next bloke in the other countries, so we wanted to do a tour that showed the other side of Singapore and showed its more surprising side, one where you got a perspective of prostitution.”
13. Pan across tourists listening to tour guide
14. Various of shophouses where brothels used to be
15. UPSOUND: (English) Helena Poon, tour guide
“Inside there, harbour, are concealed in there are many stories of abuse and violence. And often for these girls it is a dead end job, and the only way to get out was death.”
16. Close up Keong Saik Road sign (one of the designated red light districts)
17. Tourists walking
18. Woman looking out of brothel
19. Women going into brothel
20. Girl walking, man and women going into brothel, man walking into one
21. SOUNDBITE: (English) Jeyathurai A, managing director of Journeys which runs the Original Singapore Walks
“So it exists but it is never something but it is never something that will be seen as a tourist attraction and I suppose that is what surprised people when we actually started these tours that we saw it as an opportunity to understand and appreciate, not in a sleazy way, but in a way where you can understand the society.”
22. Tourists on tour
23. SOUNDBITE : (English) Vox Pop (no name available)
” I think the biggest surprise is that it is actually legal in Singapore. Whenever you hear stories about Singapore, it’s all it is perfectly clean it is illegal to chew gum or spit on the floor so when you come on this tour and it opens it all up and you realise, you think it’s all about the shopping and the high rise but really there is a whole other side, the dark side of Singapore.”
24. SOUNDBITE : (English) Vox Pop (no name available)
” No, I had no idea you just think it is brought up on the mega malls and the shopping and the fact that it is a city of industry and bringing in shipping and receiving not one of prostitution and opium.”
25. Wide brothel
26. UPSOUND: (English) Helena Poon, tour guide
“The girls in turn carry health cards that require them to go for regular check ups medical checks, this is more for containment and we read last year every three nights at this place there were two raids. So they raid them rather regularly to ensure that the girls are not just of consensual age, which is 16, but they are at least 18.”
27. Various of prostitutes standing on the street in Geylang, a traditional red light district.
Singapore is renowned for its strict laws and controlled society.
These visitors are learning about prostitution in Singapore.

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Tourists see the red light disctrict of Singapore

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