SS.Mirror – A Singapore Smart Mirror

First of all, sorry for the shaky hands

A Singapore Smart Mirror

A smart mirror project made to solve my or most of the Singaporean’s daily problem where they have to grab their smartphones early in the morning to check the weather, news or bus arrival timings.

As a 22 years old Singaporean male, I have customized the mirror to suit my family’s(including me) daily needs.

I have chosen :
– Display weather
– Display next 4 days weather forecast
– Display current date/time/day
– Alarm feature
– Display bus arrival timings
– Display greetings
– Display news
– Display 4D and ToTo

Why choose those features?
1. Displaying weather – I stay in the east region of Singapore and my workplace is in the north region, it is best for me to check whether it will be raining soon at my region or workplace so that I can leave house early because whenever it is going to rain, the public transport will slow down for safety reasons and thus I’ll be late. (Yes, I am those kind of person who don’t leave house early)

2. Displaying next 4 days weather forecast – The same reason as point 1, but instead of leaving house early, this feature can let me know whether I can afford to sleep just a bit later.

3. Displaying current date/time/day – Why not?

4. Alarm feature – Why not too? Make it all-in-1 with time,date,day. Will be making this a cool feature soon, in order to stop the alarm, you have to stand infront of the mirror.

5. Displaying bus arrival timings – I hate waiting for the bus at the bus stop, it just waste too much of my time. So why not have this feature to display how long more the bus will be arriving and it also shows if the bus is crowded, if it is and if I have time to spare, I can just stay a little longer at home just to wait for the next bus. (At least home is more comfortable than bus stops), you can customize this to change according to the current time, for example if you need to go to work in the morning, you take buses from bus stop A and then at night, you have night classes, you take buses from bus stop B.

6. Display greetings – I always have Monday blues and I’m sure I need this to spice up my Monday!

7. Displaying news – Well, if I have some time to spare before my bus arrives, why not use that time to find out what is going on around the world? (Channel News Asia style)

8. Displaying 4D and ToTo – My parents are not so tech-savvy and always get tricked by the mobile app’s advertisements when they view 4D. The ads always show “Your phone is infected by a virus, click here to clean up”, and my parents will just download the app which will eat their data or slow down their phone instead of “cleaning the phone”. So I created this feature for my parents to view 4D and ToTo.

You can customize SS.Mirror to meet your daily needs.
– Display current time(24hr or 12hr format), date and day.
– Display weathers from different regions of Singapore with customizable icons. You can add as many regions as you want.
– Display next 4 days weather forecast.
– Display bus arrival timings (You can choose to add as many bus services and bus stops as you want)
– Display weight and heart rate
– Smart greetings which changes according to the current time.
– Display latest news from Channel News Asia
– Display 4D / ToTo / Soccer Odds from Singapore Pools
– Set alarm clock timing and sound file.
– Set reminders
– Set countdown timers.
– Play music
– Order your favourite McDonalds meal

Video credits to limjq44 YouTube channel

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SS.Mirror – A Singapore Smart Mirror

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