Please beware of this scam around neighbourhood targeting elderlies during festive seasons

Video Credit: Garren Neo Zhe Kai
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Sales are still going on around Singapore since I listed this post. They are mainly targeting the older generation and they rent their stalls in hawker and wet market areas.

Please keep a look out for them and warn others not to fall into the trap !

Reference to picture 3, the news team also tried to film the sellers but was blocked by them and told not to film it. Nov 2017 Photo Courtesy of Wan Bao.

Reference to picture 4, the sellers starts off to attract customers by giving free ” Magic Cloths “. They are just normal cleaning cloths. Photo Courtesy of commentors.

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Spotted some Pink Shirts Hongkee/ China sellers ( at Block 502 Jurong West Market. They were selling unnamed things in a pink plastic bag and claiming they worth over $400, but for today, he was selling them at $100. I did not get a chance to look into the plastic bag but with what I heard from the people around me, they were simple household items like knife and scissors, etc. (One aunty took the items out of the bag and I saw it)

The sellers collected the money from everyone first then gave the “goods”. I believe that this is to prevent anyone from trying to get a refund after they see whats inside, which the sellers never revealed.

If you listen clearly to the guy in the middle talking, he was even counting how much he had collected from the elderly.

Most of them were elderly and they could have spent the $100 on groceries but they might have just been cheated/scammed with just a few household item.

This is just my point of view. I hope that you all watching this can warn your parents about this.

Public has spotted these guys @
Ang Mo Kio
Jurong East
Jurong West
Ghim Moh
Toa Payoh
Chong Pang
Tanjong Pagar

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Please beware of this scam around neighbourhood targeting elderlies during festive seasons

Video credits to Popular on YouTube – Singapore YouTube channel

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    Please beware of this scam around neighbourhood targeting elderlies during festive seasons

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    1. Why do you call it a scam? It's up to the customer to take individual responsibility and exercise judgement to buy or not to buy? The seller did not force you to buy.

    2. can't said this as scam. one is buyer and one is seller. buyer accept and buy and not counted as scam.after all seller never force them to buy anyway

    3. old ppl easy to cheat? last time is selling ex. health products, sunshine vampire also started to con money to promote their upgraded scam using NOP.

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