Temasek Polytechnic students showcase coin-operated tray return system – 07Jan2013

SINGAPORE: More than 60 nifty inventions were presented at this year’s Engineering Project Show at Temasek Polytechnic on Monday.

Some ideas included a baby pram that can function as a high chair and a tray return system. The ideas are the final-year projects of the polytechnic’s engineering students.

Five students created an “Ah Long” detector, which could be attached to front doors to deter loansharks from vandalising.

When paint is poured over the door, the system detects the paint fumes and sends the information and a screen shot of the culprit to relevant authorities.

The project is thought to be the first in the market, and was created by students Chelsea Koh, Nur Syairah Baharuddin, B Nisha, Ryan Fan and Haris Fadhillah Ismail.

The team said they were initially looking at creating a bomb detection system, until the Singapore Police Force suggested the paint detection idea.

Ms Syairah said: “The rate of (crimes committed by loansharks) is increasing in Singapore, and it also benefits the Singapore Police Force to attend to the matter in a shorter period of time, thus it’s a very important job for us to help them to make their task even easier.”

Another timely creation at the show was a coin-operated tray return system.

The team behind the idea was inspired by a supermarket’s trolley-lock system. Users slot a coin into the trays, slide them out of the tray racks. They would then collect their food, and slide the the trays into specially-designed tables.

Not returning the tray after a meal would mean forfeiting the coin.

The team of three, comprising Sadish Rao, Effendy Parman and Chen I Chieh, said the idea came about following a tray return campaign conducted by the National Environment Agency (NEA) in 2012.

Mr Rao said: “During the peak hours, there are a lot of customers, and cleaners can’t cope with the cleaning. Sometimes when we want to go and eat, we find a table to sit down, but nobody clears the utensils and trays. With this system, every table will be clean and we’ll have a lot of space to sit down and we won’t have this kind of problems to face in the future.”

The project has been nominated for the Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors Award. Mr Rao said it cost the team about S$250 to make one section that accommodates four trays. Each tray with the attached lock system costs S$40. His team is in touch with NEA on the project.

The Engineering Project Show is open to the public till Tuesday.

Video credits to 154thmedia2013 YouTube channel

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Temasek Polytechnic students showcase coin-operated tray return system – 07Jan2013

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