How To Apply For Work Permit Singapore

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Why shouldn’t you apply for Singapore PR on your own? Well, regardless of what qualifications you are holding or how much you are earning, you should know that you only have a slim chance of approval when applying for Singapore PR. Based on government released statistics, around 100,000 foreigners apply for Singapore PR every year but 70% of them get rejected.

There are plenty of other expatriates with better qualifications, higher pay or even younger than you. If you submit your Singapore PR application similarly like the rest, you will most likely fall into this 70% group of rejected applicants. Furthermore, every time you fail your Singapore PR application, the ICA keeps a record of it. If they see that you have failed before, they would take that into consideration and less likely approve your subsequent application.

The whole process is much more complex than you think. If you make a small error in your documentation, your entire Singapore PR application may get rejected. Common mistakes include unreadable handwriting in your forms, non-English documents not officially translated and submission of incorrect compulsory documents, etc.

At Immigration Solutions, we have been helping our clients achieve up to 90% approval in their Singapore PR application with our proven methods. Not only will you learn the insider industry secrets of the ICA screening process, you will also find out how can significantly improve your chances of approval.

One of the things we do to increase your chances of success is to professionally prepare and audit all your forms and documents. We also help you stand out from thousands of other applicants with the help of useful additional documents and a personalized immigration cover letter that you can submit together with your compulsory documents. We also provide miscellaneous services such as the acceleration of your e-Appointment and expert advice to help you go through your Singapore PR application smoothly.

We have been helping foreigners like you acquire Singapore PR for more than 5 years. Our company success rate is about 90%. The reason for such a high rate is because we choose our clients. If we believe you are not eligible to begin with, we will not be taking your case. We also work closely with government agencies such as MOM and ICA to ensure that our clients’ applications comply with the accepted standards.

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How To Apply For Work Permit Singapore

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